Who Will Win the Bundesliga?

Who Will Win the Bundesliga?

The Bundesliga has its own dynamics. We saw a very interesting Round 33 this week, and as most championships, the Bundesliga is also ready to wrap things up and this is important. Round 34 will definitely be one that you will want to see and this is why we have prepared for you a small overview of the most important games.

Dortmund vs Monchengladbach

Dortmund will most certainly win this one, but Monchengladbach are capable of sudden upsets which definitely doesn’t sit well with the Dortmund powerhouse. Dortmund hasn’t quite managed to pry away a much needed point that Bayern has on it, but heres the good news, too – Bayern are nowhere near as far ahead either.

Playing against Leipzig today, Bayern had a tough game that ended up as a draw. This is very important for the now determined to win Dortmund. With the Monchengladbach not even in the first teams of the competition, we can expect Dortmund to have an easy time of securing the point.

Bayern vs Eintracht

Bayern are facing a great team, but one that will most likely yield before them. Eintracht managed to make it to the UEFA Europa League, but this is about it. The team is not going to pose a serious challenge for Bayern and the German powerhouse will once and for all seal its leadership position.

Similar to the EPL where the rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester City is quite visible, Bayern and Dortmund will battle for this precious last point come what may.

Leipzig vs Werder

Leipzig fell to the thrid spot after Dotmund’s victory and their very tough game versus Bayenr which ended with a draw. Not, even if Leipzig beats Werder, which we expect to happen, will help the team get to the first place of the Bundesliga. There is a slim chance for Leipzig to end up second, but this would require from Dortmund to lose their game versus a fairly inexperienced opponent.

Who Will Win the Bundesliga?

This is what Deutsche Welle wrote back in March about Bayern. Even then, the newspaper knew that the most likely winner of the Bundesliga would be none other than Bayern or possibly Dortmund:

“Bayern clearly are the team in form and have the momentum heading into the final eight weeks of the season. But the biggest determining factor for me when it comes to the title race is the remaining schedule. “

Today, the challenges that lie ahead are truly outstanding and we, as fans of football, are quite interested in identifying what the next logical outcome of the Bundesliga would be.

The games that lie ahead are definitely not so unpredictable, and the analysts have been right to back either Dortmund or Bayern all along. Our personal choice would have favored Leipzig, though, because they truly deserve a title.

Put simply, Leipzig have demonstrated a very strong game in offense and defence. Standing up to multiple opponent, they managed to achieve draws versus some of the toughest teams in the competition while not quite capable of drawing the much necessary defeat against weaker teams.

This disparity has definitely not been very helpful. However, Leipzig will certainly learn from their mistakes and come even stronger in the next season of the Bundesliga.

For the time being, all eyes are on Bayern and Dortmund playing their respective games well.

We have an inkling that in the end, it would be Bayern winning this year’s title.

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