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West Ham Have Tough Challenge from Newcastle, EPL 14

West Ham have been dismantling quite a few teams and suffering a fair bit of defeats.

West Ham Have Tough Challenge from Newcastle, EPL 14

West Ham have been dismantling quite a few teams and suffering a fair bit of defeats. It’s quite obvious that West Hammers are a strong squad. At the beginning of the season they had the bad fortune to be at the bottom of the standing. They have since been making their way up. Well, it’s time to see if this is going to keep up.

West Ham vs Newcastle – All Systems Go

West Ham started the season modestly. They were at the bottom of the standing, but have raised through the ranks ever since. It’s been a good track record for them indeed. The team will have a lot to show to fans and opponents, too, or so we estimate.

The upcoming game with Newcastle is a chance to do that. West Ham met quite the opposition from Tottenham, suffering two defeat in the space of a few weeks from them. We still maintain our general opinion about the team, though.

West Ham are steel in defense and more than capable in offense. Looking at their prospect to break into the first ten team of the EPL, we dare say they are doing really pretty good. Our forecast sees the team make it all the way into the best ten teams in the United Kingdom. It’s an ambitious goal, but one that’s quite feasible.

Only, there is a little snag here. It’s Newcastle. Newscastlers will contest West Hammers this Saturday and things will be fraught – oh how they will be fraught. To think that Newcastle will go down without a fight is not really serious. There will have to be some serious evidence to support the claim.

Well, we have found it. In the past 6 games New Castle played, they met opponents of varying rank and have been able to perform quite well. Manchester City, Arenal, and Manchester City all defeated the team, but they only let the draw slip from them with a single goal. Yes, Man City finished the game 2-1 in their favor and so did Arsenal.

With Manchester City, we saw quite the exchange of points, with 5 total goals, but the advantage being with Manchester City in the end. Yes, Newcastle seem to be far more prepared for the game than our favorites from West Ham.

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