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Scottish Premiership – Dundee United vs St Mirren

Now that we have some time to catch our own breaths, it’s time for us to focus on the world of soccer up close.

Scottish Premiership – Dundee United vs St Mirren

Now that we have some time to catch our own breaths, it’s time for us to focus on the world of soccer up close. Today, we want to draw your attention to a soccer championship that hasn’t been getting as much attention, dwarfed by the English Premier League (EPL).

We mean, of course, the Scottish Premiership. Yes, you haven’t had much time to pay attention to good old Scotland with Manchester City and Liverpool leading a neck-and-neck competition down South, but now that this is over, we can finally see what’s been up North.

Well, we definitely won’t miss out on the good things. Dundee United will be meeting up with St Mirren on Thursday, May 23, which is a perfect opportunity for you to catch a glimpse of what these teams can do on the field.

Where to Watch Dundee vs Mirren?

The game between Dundee and Mirren promises to be quite the show for soccer fans. The big question right now is where to watch it. Well, that’s easy. You can go to our live streaming options and tune in to see the game as it happens. Plus, you needn’t do this via your PC computer. You can use your mobile phone, which will add additional comfort we know you are fond of. Here’s what you need to know at a glance:

  • Game: Dundee vs Mirren
  • Time: 9:45 EEST
  • Live Stream: Here

The championship is definitely quite interesting. Dundee are not on top of the Premiership but neither are Mirren which means that we will enjoy a well-balanced game between the two. With the football seasons almost out, we definitely will appreciate the fact that there are quite a few games left to enjoy.

Of course, we haven’t included Champions League and Europa League into the equation, two contests that will bring us even more entertainment value. In the meantime, Dundee vs Mirren will definitely promise us some good times on Thursday.

Both teams have had a bit of a rough season and with summer coming, they are certainly looking for some time to themselves. Dundee finished last in their respective Relegation, with Mirren slightly ahead of them. That wasn’t so bad all things considered.

Dundee finished with 5-6-27 (WDL) and Mirren pulled off 8-8-22 (WDL). As you might have guessed, both teams have been on the bitter end of defeat in the 2018/2019 season.

Who Has the Better Chance of Success?

At this point, it’s rather tough to sell. Both teams seem to be equally matched which means that we will enjoy a good game overall. On the flipside, there is always the fact that both teams tend to make a lot of mistakes, which means that we will see a lot of scoring.

We all know what it is to suffer through games that don’t really lead to many interesting situations and where, instead of enjoying some fast-paced football, we get bogged down in stalemates. With Dundee and Mirren we will probably end up with a few too many goals than is plausible.

Both teams will have to pull off a better season in 2019/2020, but it does look like they are not necessarily as interested in playing. The teams have traditions, but they don’t seem to be as ambitious as EPL teams, for example, which is not a bad thing. Overall, Dundee and Mirren have a lot to learn.

The game between Dundee and Mirren will also be one of the last ones where you can actually enjoy in England in the next several weeks, other than the UEFA Finals, of course. The good news is that French League is still on for Friday, which means that you can still some awesome action all things considered.

If you are dead set on watching soccer this summer, we recommend you turning to Major League Soccer. Major League Soccer takes place over the summer, which is perfect for those among you who truly love enjoying soccer plays throughout the holiday months.

Europe’s Season Is Over the US’ Just Begins

The soccer season season has already began in the United States and you will have a lot to watch and talk about. True, if you are used to the EPL or even the Scottish Premiership, you will need some getting used to the NA format.

For all that is worth, soccer is a great game and North America is also appreciating it. Why not enjoy a summer full of games yoursel?