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Manchester Takes on Crystal Palace Today

Well, Man United got quite the routing against their old enemies from Man City.

Manchester Takes on Crystal Palace Today

Well, Man United got quite the routing against their old enemies from Man City. Now they are facing Crystal Palace and we can’t help but wonder if this will pan out well for them. Nobody is to say what will happen. We, though, expect Crystal Palace to put up a fight and lose. How will this come to pass?

Watch Man United vs Crystal Palace

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Going Right to It – Red Devils, Be Warned!

A lot can be said about Manchester United’s game of recent. Some will find them to be losing their grip and that certainly is an accusation that has merits. But for better or for worse, there is quite a bit more to the way of analyzing the actual game. Don’t be mislead that Manchester United are weak. They are not. They just draw really tough teams and it’s quite understandable why they end up losing here and there. Instead of vilifying the Red Devils, expect them to come back roaring from their last game.

With this in mind, Crystal Palace definitely have all the reason for concern. After all, they are going to face an opponent that is not going to give them any chance, not to mention that Man United will play really rather aggressively and unapologetically. No more, no less, and that should really frighten everyone.

You can immediately see that not much in the way of luck is given to Crystal Palace. The odds put them at quite the disadvantage and no amount of wishful thinking will change that. However, Manchester United are known to slip and Crystal Palace are known to play well, so quite frankly, there may be one or two surprises in the long term.

Come what may, Manchester United will definitely have all the reason to be concerned if Crystal Palace opens with a volley of touch attacks. But Man United are also known to bounce back quite well after every defeat, so we might end up enjoying something completely new in the way of a competition. Whom to bet on? There’s not much point in backing anyone but Crystal Palace.

However, the odds are truly astronomical, so we can’t help but wonder – how likely is for them to turn out the way you expect them to. Not really is what we can provide as an answer here.


The Red Devils have a worthy opponent against them, so they would do well to take them quite seriously. Of course, the challenge doesn’t seem big at this point, but the fact of the matter is that whatever the challenge, Manchester United are far from topping the competition, and that’s reason enough to be humbled.

Past glory doesn’t do much to help the team progress now. The Red Devils are smarting, fresh out of a defeat against Man City. With this in mind, the team should take Crystal Palace seriously. Meanwhile, Crystal Palace are not entirely dispirited themselves and they will try and see the game through and if they can – win or draw.

Naturally, fans for both teams will be flocking to watch live and support their favorites, but cheers alone won’t do the trick. Alas, the Onus is once again onto the footballers to make a difference to the fortunes of their squads. They all have a lot to lose right now.