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Manchester City vs Tottenham – Round 35 EPL

Manchester City will face Tottenham in one of the most important matches in the English Premier League so far.

Manchester City vs Tottenham – Round 35 EPL

Manchester City will face Tottenham in one of the most important matches in the English Premier League so far. The 35th round of the competition is well upon us and with it the stakes are even higher. A defeat can be the difference between being a champion and ending as the runner-up.

Manchester City vs Tottenham – The 35th Round of the EPL


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Manchester City vs Tottenham – Game Predictions


Manchester City have a slight edge over Tottenham and that’s quite understandable. The team has doing overall better with City defeating one opponent after another. True, they are nowhere near Liverpool’s perfect score, but they are still runners-up and very likely to contest Liverpool for the title this season.

Manchester City have known a few ailments of their own, but proper dedication has taught them much in the way of preparing for the important events in the EPL. The match against The Hotspurs is just that.

Tottenham have been showing quite the resilience. They have outdone both Chelsea and Arsenal, which is quite the impressive feat overall. Of course, there has been some scepticism that Tottenham can hardly do better than 3rd place. A sentiment that has been reinforced by the coach who said that 3rd place is indeed quite respectable and the team had nothing to worry about.

However, the ambitions of the team seem to stretch a little farther out than 3rd place and there’s absolutely no shame in that.

However, the question is how likely are they to win. For sure, they will want to make sure that each team is winning and this will take a little while. We believe in both teams, but if pressed we want to back Tottenham.

The Odds


In honesty, it’s hard to say who will win. We have a gut feeling that Tottenham are slightly weaker at this point, but we are also quite content with how they have been playing. Manchester City will definitely press them a lot in the upcoming game, but with proper play, Tottenham can resist the oncoming onslaught.

To succeed, they will have to focus on defending and then sending their opponents scurrying to their door in one swift counter-attack. This is why Manchester City needs to stay vigilant even if the bookmakers give them slightly better odds to win.

After all Tottenham are 3rd in the overall standing. This is quite understandable overall. If you are a betting person, then this is going to be a tough choice. The value you can get for your money is almost the same, so you don’t have to worry about that.

With this in mind, we recommend staking on Manchester City if you are betting on match winners there. Don’t hesitate to make a bet today and make sure that you are hitting the big money.

Remember to Watch Manchester City vs Tottenham Live


With only one day to go, you definitely don’t want to miss on this game. You can watch the game live right through our live steam, which will help you get the most pertinent and relevant information right from the horse’s month.

You can also watch on your mobile phone, which is another convenient way to watch the game without ever missing a second out. We strongly recommend you to look up what live options there are! You will definitely be thrilled to find all the live options that you have ever wished for.

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