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Cardiff City to Play Wolverhampton in Round 14 EPL

Friday will bring us some proper football action, although not too much.

Cardiff City to Play Wolverhampton in Round 14 EPL

Friday will bring us some proper football action, although not too much. Round 14 of the English Premier League begins early this week, with Cardiff City meeting Wolverhampton in an open match as early as tomorrow. The game will definitely one of particular interest to behold. Both teams have known struggles. Question is – can they move past those?

Cardiff Meets Wolverhampton – All You Need to Know

And so, the game is definitely one of the more anticipated ones. To speak the truth, we are both fans of Wolverhampton and Cardiff and the teams could use some extra support, the way we see it. Cardiff have had a particularly rough patch this year. They have tanked to the bottom of the League several times and it seems like they won’t be re-emerging any time soon.

As to Wolverhampton, you will definitely see them try, although hey have suffered a handful of defeats. Before we go into the specifics, though, let’s have a quick look where we can watch the games.

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Two Teams to Watch Out For

If statistics alone is anything to go by, then Cardiff are in trouble. They only have two victories in the EPL so far, having suffered 9 defeats. It’s not really peachy as it is, though, they certainly intend to keep competing and give their best.

Wolves on the other hand have 5 draws and 5 victories, having suffered 4 defeats so far. It’s not too bad of a score, and they certainly can find their way back to the top 10. Looking at the game as it stands, we certainly feel that Wolves will have a very easy time taming any opposition that may come from Cardiff.

But is it too early to speak like that? We aren’t entirely convinced. The match appears to be painfully one-sided to us, and even the skilled leadership of Cardiff’s manager wouldn’t make much difference.

Throughout the season, the Wolves have been dangerously close to one-upping even better teams than themselves, even if they lost these games. However, the Wolves are here and they exude confidence, knowing that they will benefit superbly from a victory against Cardiff.

One more point to push them further up the ladder board, that’s definitely not something they will let go of with an easy heart; nor should they.

Betting Predictions

The Wolves may indeed be showing slightly worse form as of late, but we are convinced that the team will be prepared to bounce back quite superbly. They know that they must have secured more points so far and the failure to accomplish that is certainly a motivator to strive to achieve something more meaningful, and something better.

Santo is a known enemy to Cardiff, with last year Warnock working himself in a tantrum fit witnessing the cheerful Santo is definitely not the best moment in the history of the teams. The Wolves will seek to score more points in the upcoming match. Cardiff will seek to have their revenge on the team.

Our Verdict

If you are betting, you might want to back the Wolves over Cardiff. However, this match will not provide you with the best value out there, so you might want to wait until the weekend when more worthy titles will be available.

We recommend that you give all of these a thorough look-through. This way you will always be on top of the gaming experience and not have a thing to worry about. We do recommend waiting out until the weekend with your choice of teams to back.

If you are still wondering which squad to back, we would recommend you our own favorites in the following write-ups you will find on our pages. Check out our betting tips!