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Arsenal and Chelsea: Europa League

Arsenal and Chelsea: Europa League

It has happened. UEFA Europa will be an English affair and there is no changing that. Both Chelsea and Arsenal will get a crack at the big title, which is fantastic. After managing to dominate tough opponents in the semi-finals, we are preparing for English football on Wednesday, May 29.

Arsenal vs Chelsea: Where to Watch?

There is a big game coming for the teams of Chelsea and Arsenal. With Liverpool managing to pry away a few quick victories at home and Manchester City dominating the English Premier League (EPL), it’s understandable why both the Gunners and the Blues want a shot at a title.

Europa League will have to do. If you are eager to follow the game in real time, there are several ways you can do this:

  • Follow live updates
  • Watch a live stream
  • Check the results

Whatever your preferred option is, you will definitely be excited at the opportunities to really get things off the ground and just not miss on one of the most exciting games of football, before the season is completely over.

You will find our stream to be completely compatible with mobile devices, which will allow you the freedom to watch the games without having to worry about what devices you currently have.

Now that this is clear and out of the way – there is a bigger question to answer: who will win in the match between Chelsea and Arsenal?

Are the Gunners Capable of Winning?

Chelsea and Arsenal both had a good overall standing in the English Premier League. After a patchy start for both teams, they still managed to climb back to the top, with Arsenal finishing 5th and Chelsea in the 3rd spot, both teams are evenly matched to continue.

Chelsea struggled more in addressing the threat from Eintracht, but they successfully overcome them in the aggregate. Meanwhile, Arsenal had a walk in the park defeating Valencia with 3-1 in the first game and topping this result with 4-2 in the second game. The Gunners really shone in that second game, but the truth is they might have actual had a bit of luck if anything.

Nobody really knows for sure what will happen next Wednesday and the fans of both teams are rather happy that they would be able to watch the game and root for their teams. Manchester City, in the meantime, has been facing fair play accusations, despite the title.

Arsenal are quite capable of sealing the fate of Chelsea and becoming the next big name by winning Europa League.

Main Issues with Both Teams?

Chelsea are definitely having tough time and that’s easy to spot. The team has struggled with overcoming Eintracht, drawing in both games against the team. Arguably, Eintracht are slightly better than Valencia, but there is no actual data to support the claim as of this moment.

We would still argue that Chelsea will have to prepare for a very difficult game up ahead.

Arsenal will likely put their feet on the gas pedal and play a dangerously offensive game. This means that Chelsea will need to perform well across the entire stadium. They cannot afford to lack in defence nor miss up on offensive opportunities.

The best way to address the upcoming game with Arsenal is to make sure that the team realizes how important the title is. In a season when Chelsea had to change ownership and experience internal tribulations, the Blues really can use an incentive to continue being their best selves.

Meanwhile, Unai Emery will now be put to an important test as a manager. Will he be able to take his team to the title in the first season? It will be definitely a career-defining achievement with Arsenal. Emery has a tough job to do.

With Wenger leaving and the fans still fond of him, Emery has had a tough reception. The first games Arsenal played were hesitant and lacking a dynamic. However, each team has its own challenges to address and this is true. Sometimes teams start on a strong note, but subside.

Squads like Liverpool and Man. City have seemed unstoppable, which is quite rare, but it still happens today. Arsenal are given great chances of overcoming the Blues. If Chelsea manage to pull themselves together, we are likely to see quite the exciting game indeed.

The UEFA Europa League finals are scheduled for Wednesday, May 20. The odds are stacking high in Arsenal’s favor but these predictions will have to be taken with a caveat.

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