Sossoulo vs Roma – Round 37, Serie A

Sossoulo vs Roma – Round 37, Serie A

Roma will face off with Sassuolo in the 37th round of the Italian Serie A. Roma are in good overall standing which means that they certainly have a great chance of wining the game on Saturday. The team has 4 positions on Sassuolo which almost puts it in Top 5 of the A Series.

Conversely, Sassuolo have seen seen their fair share of action and presently 10th in the overall standing, they are far from notching up the title in this edition of the competition. Nevertheless, Sassuolo will have to pull their weight together and try to pry away the victory from Roma.

Where to Watch Sassuolo vs Roma

The game between Roma and Sassuolo will definitely pique the interest of fans both in Italy and abroad. As one of the most popular Italian teams, Roma has been known the world over and the club has built a solid fan base around the globe.

You can always watch the game directly from our website or switch on your telly and go to any major European sports channel. We still think that streaming might be the best way to go about the whole thing as you can take the experience with you on the go and enjoy immediate access to the games you are interested in.

Roma: The Likely Winner

Roma are without any doubt the most likely winner of the upcoming game against Sassuolo. Even looking at their reputation alone, the team stands tall over Sassuolo. There is also the stats to back the claim as well.

Roma has done well this season. Their main weakness has been an inability to finish things off, hitting one of the highest draw score this year. With 11 games that ended as ties, Roma is certainly one of the teams to get the most draws.

Unlike many other competitions, though, the Italian A Series simply seems to be slightly better balanced. There are still the powerhouses that can seldom be stopped, but even then, you can expect to find quite a few teams that are fairly evenly matched.

Torino, the team after Roma, also have 15 draws. What does all of this mean? Simple – overall teams are quite well matched which means that the average skill level in Series A is arguably better evened out between teams.

Back to Roma, the team has all the indications of progressing after their game on Saturday. Whether they will advance to the 5th spot in the Series depends solely on Milan. Milan will be playing the 19th team in the contest, which means that the chances of seeing a positive development out of this for Roma are very slim.

Still the team must win and ensure that it is keeping itself abreast with the rest of competitors in Series A.

Sassuolo – The Underdog Capable of Upsets

If there is one thing that is true about Sassuolo, it is that this team is quite capable of upsetting the progress of Roma. If they manage to secure the needed points against Roma, Sassuolo may progress one place ahead which is not a negligible achievment all things considered.

The chances of Sassuolo turning a victory are decent. With the team’s full roster attending the Saturday game, there is little to stop the 10th team in the Series to steal an amazing quick victory from Roma.

If this happens, Roma will have to answer some difficult questions and possibly slide from the 6th spot. The stakes for all participating teams are high. Sassuolo wouldn’t want to fall out of Top 10, which is a decent overall standing, all things considered. With this in mind, Sassuolo will have to to muster up all their courage and ensure a decisive victory.

If this fails, they will have to hunker down and do what they have always done best – play for a draw by systematically wearing down their opponent and playing a very tight defense that begins even mid-field.


Sassuolo and Rom both have something to lose when it comes to the game on Saturday. Hopefully the teams will manage to pull their weight and manage to play for the outcome that suites them best – i.e. a victory. This is tough though, and we are 99% sure that only one percent would leave victorious on Saturday.

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