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Atalanta and Juventus Meet on Sunday – Serie A

Atalanta and Juventus Meet on Sunday – Serie A

Atalanta will be facing the first in the Italian Serie A – Juventus. Juventus have had an exceptionally strong season. The team has long struggled at home, but they are finally at the top of the food chain in Italy, once again dominating rivals, such as Milan, Roma and of course – Napoli.

It’s been a tough few years for Juve, but they are finally coming back strong. Their game against the 4th team in the overall standing, Atalanta, will definitely be worth your while. The match is expected to be the highlight of this round of Serie A as well.

Atalanta vs Juventus – Where to Watch

Once again, you will be able to watch the game between Juventus and Atlanta right here on our own pages. We will provide you with quite a few decent opportunities to truly make the most of the occasion and tune in to our live streaming option.

Other than that, we can recommend you to hang around and expect us to update the live score as events happen. Never miss a moment from the game, even if you can’t watch it directly, by staying tuned with our comprehensive offer.

We will offer you a number of options that will allow you to stay tune during the game, including:

  • A live stream
  • Live score
  • TV channels broadcasting the game

While you are waiting for the game to actually start, we advise you to take a look at our comprehensive team history we have put together. This will help you better understand the teams. We have very detailed statistics about Atlanta an Juventus to help you make up your mind which team to back.

If you are not a fan, but a sports bettor, then our comprehensive statistics will most certainly come very hand to you.

Where to Bet on Juventus vs Atalanta

If you are looking for an opportunity to place a wager, we can definitely recommend you a few bookmakers who price their odds very well. Bet365 is one of the best, although for each individual game, you might be better off to take your cue from multiple betting agencies.

Your best bet is to stake your money on the winner. In this case Juventus are favored, but Atalanta have an actual shot at winnning. If you place too much, though, you risk losing it – too little and you won’t be hitting that much of a profit after all. Balancing between how much you should stake is often a personal decision that you should approach considering your budget and the probabilities o the team you back of actually winning the game.

Will Juventus Win?

If you have been wondering about Juventus’ chances of sealing the game in their favor, you shouldn’t any more. The team is almost certainly going to pry away another victory, although they are admittedly not as focused on Serie A any more.

Juventus are up with 89 points and just two fixtures to play. The second best is Napoli who are with 76 points themselves, which means that there will be no catching up to the team come what may. The Serie A is already sealed and things are as simple as that.

However, Atalanta might want to fight back and at least pry another victory against the team and perhaps even advance on Inter Milan. The team definitely has an incentive to play very well and eventually notch up a victory against Juventus in the sole purpose of landing a victory that would help it continue ahead in Serie A with 3rd overall spot.

A Good Season Overall

This Serie A was good, but unlike the English Premier League (EPL) there was little to suggest that things are undecided on the top level. Liverpool contested Manchester City at home, but none of this happened in Serie A where Juventus had a very calm transition to the top place.

It’s easy to imagine why this happened. None of the other teams in this season managed to quite live up to the expectations that their fans had from them. This is not to be regretted, but it goes to show that determined teams, such as Juventus can quickly outpace all others.

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