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Tottenham vs Everton: Final Round

Tottenham vs Everton: Final Round

The last round of the EPL is upon us. It’s been a good and somewhat closely contested season indeed. Even if you are not a fan, you must admit that the close rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester City was impressive to say the least. However, today we are focusing on Tottenham who are facing Everton this Sunday and concluding the season.

Tottenham vs Everton: Game Breakdown

Tottenham completely killed it recently when the team faced Ajax in Europa League. Coming back from 1-0, Tottenham dominated with 3-2 on home turf, managing to pry away the victory once and for all from Ajax.

Tottenham showed what they can do even with a reduced field of players and Harry Kane, the de facto play maker out. The Hotspurs came strong in Game 2 versus Ajax, establishing a pace that wasn’t without its own dangers.

We saw Ajax punish Tottenham twice and crush their morale early on, but instead of giving in, the Hotspurs came back into the game striking one point after the next. Visibly freshened, the team was dominant in the second half of the game.

Pochettino was moved to tears at the result, praising the efforts of his team and finding himself incredulous at the comeback. It was indeed a good day for the Hotspurs.

Facing the somewhat less tough Everton, we believe that Tottenham will have an easy end of the season. They are certainly euphoric at the prospect of dominating in Ligua Europe, but Everton needs to be defeated first – if not for the sake of a trophy, then at least for the sake of proving that the game versus Ajax was no fluke, and the Spurs are not to be messed with.

Everton – Not a Bad Season After All

Everton definitely didn’t have a bad season after all. The team is probably not going to conquer ny title any time soon, but Everton have been slowly building their momentum. Face with a somewhat tougher contender for their last game, they are no strangers to challenges.

Everton completely dismantled the defence of Manchester United, defeating the team 4-0 to the horror of onlookers. That wasn’t all, though, and Everton also defeated The Gunners themselves, Arsenal, in a closely-contested game which ended 1-0 at the beginning of April.

Both victories against Arsenal and Manchester United demonstrated that Everton are quite capable of outplaying tough opponents. We definitely think that they stand a very good chance versus the finalists from Tottenham.

To say otherwise would be to grossly underestimate the team.

Are You a Bettor?

If you want to place a wager, the game between Tottenham and Everton will definitely offer you a great opportunity. There is a simple reason for that – the teams are very closely matched, which means that there is a great opportunity to turn a steady profit.

Still, the odds will be around 1.6 for each team, which means that the betting kind among you will have a real field day. Personally, we will be backing Evetron. Tottenham played a very good game indeed managing to outpace Ajax.

This doesn’t mean that they will shine against Everton. We really want to see Everton win. We also want to see Tottenham make it in the final against Chelsea which will be a big one. With this in mind, you can definitely see the benefits of betting on soccer.

Final Thoughts

Both Tottenham and Everton are great teams that draw and deserve admiration. We are excited to be able to cover their performance in both the English Premier League and Ligua Europe. It has been exciting to see the teams compete in two of the most important competitions that modern football has to offer.

If you are keen on watching the game, don’t forget to check out our live streaming options. If you don’t have time to watch, you can always check up on our live odds and always be in the know when it comes to the top football games of our time.

Tottenham did quite outstandingly against Ajax and they will now have the opportunity to do even better against Everton. On the flipside, Everton will try to withstand the attacks of a strong team. Tottenham should be careful because Everton can definitely upset the field of competition with unexpected comebacks.

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