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EPL Finals Today – Tune In

EPL Finals Today – Tune In

Well, it’s been a good 2018/2019 season for the English Premier League. With the event nearly over (only a few hours before the last games are played!) we have every reason to believe that the champion is quite clear.

Well done, Manchester City. If Liverpool set out as the team to make history this year, it was Manchester City who truly fulfilled that destiny. The current standing is as follows:

  1. Man. City – 95 pts
  2. Liverpool – 94 pts
  3. Chelsea – 71 pts
  4. Tottenham – 70 pts
  5. Arsenal – 67 pts

With just one game left to go, you can imagine that Man. City are very unlikely to le the title slip away from them. Both Man City and Liverpool will be playing today and the only way for Liverpool to win is if Manchester City flops their game.

It’s definitely not easy to expect this from Man. City. Even if Jurgen Klopp sent out one of his joshing texts, we’re not quite certain that Man. City will falter against Brighton.

Man City vs Brighton

Thi game is almost 100% sealed. Brihgton’s best chance is to play for a draw against Man. City. Man City has played them three times already and the results is almost always 2-0. In one of the games this season, Brighton scored back, but the game still ended with 3-1.

To put it midlly – Man City will be winning this leg of the competition and only miracle could guarantee Livepool their title.Unfortunately, there is no work-around the way the points in the EPL are crunched, so a win is all it takes for Man City to get another 3 points

Brighton must fight for a draw if they would rather have Liverpool win, but with the team far from a title, their inclination to win is probably far from big. On the other hand, Man City will be playing for a definitive victory, because this is a match title for them – plain and simple.

Liverpool vs Wolerhampton

Wolverhampton won’t go without a fight so with all things considered, we think that Liverpool is going to have a tougher game versus Wolverhampton. The Wolves are also a better team than Brighton so insofar as thi goes, Liverpool definitely have had a slightly worse chance in the final draw.

Well, it’s not like Liverpool will give up on the title right now. We are absolutely convinced that they will continue pursuing it time and again and there will be no stopping them moving forward. There are many upsides to rooting for Liverpoool, but the truth is they are unlikely to be a champion this year, mostly because the final game doesn’t depend on them.

In the game against Barcelona, though, we saw a team capable of executing insanely good strategies leaving the entire opposition unbelieving. Liverpoool can surely repeat this in the game against Wolverhampton.

After all, Klopp himself said that all things considered, Liverpool could just their best one more time – as they have been doing their entire season.

Other Games to Watch Out For

There will be other interesting clashes to watch out for, so if you are a true EPL fan, you wouldn’t want to miss many of the games today. The downside is that they will all be played at 16:00 BST which means that if you insist on watching them all, you will have to try and avoid spoilers and just re-watch the games.

Some of the highlights we’d probably recommend are:

  • Manchester United vs Cardiff City
  • Tottenham vs Everton
  • Leicester City vs Chelsea

These games are probably already sealed, with the weaker teams probably not much interested in fighting for the extra point here and there. Nevertheless, these teams are capable of great upsets. It’d be interesting to see some of the best teams of the competition defeated at the final stretch by their much weaker opponents – based on the overall EPL standing.

Of course, to expect such outcomes a bit unrealistic because the league has a point-based format and therefore you can’t see the last games being the intense action that events such as Europa League and UEFA CL are.

The EPL has been a most exciting event and as we are drawing close to the finish line, we definitely will remember the season fondly for all the things that we were lucky enough to experience here.

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