Eibar vs Barcelona: La Liga Final Round

Eibar vs Barcelona: La Liga Final Round

Barcelona will be playing versus Eibar in the last fixture of the Spanish La Liga. With Barcelona already winning the competition, the 12th best will be faced with one of the world’s best teams which begs the question – by how much is Eibar going to lose?

Eibar vs Barcelona: Where to Watch

Call us skeptical, but we do think Eibar will undergo one of the biggest defeats in its history. Barcelona managed to score 3 goals in a single game against the English Premier League (EPL)’s own heavy guns – Liverpool.

To be honest, Liverpool have had patches of dozens game in which their opponents have scored fewer points combined. So you get the idea – Barcelona is definitely a team that will upset any opponent.

Eibar really had a tough season and it is understandable why most people are concerned that they won’t be coming back into the race as prepared as in previous years. Barcelona are not a team to let others slack, so there it is. Question is will Eibar hold out against Barca and by what margin precisely?

It would be interesting to see if Eibar can do what Liverpool did in London, though – catch Barcelona completely unaware. However, Liverpool are just as strong as Barcelona which gives them a considerable advantage in the long-term.

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Eibar – Can They Succeed?

It’s definitely worth giving them a shot, but only in the sense that you root for them. We advise against betting. Eibar are a decent team and they could have broken into top 10 this season, but they were systematically dragged down by poor performance.

To overcome this serious shortcoming, Eibar need to use their last game with Barcelona to gauge their performance before the season is over. They will need to play better than Barcelona even try. Nobody really knows what Eibar really considers this season.

Most soccer players aren’t really worried about their performance and transfers will of course be quite natural this season. However, Eibar can take this precious opportunity to test itself one more time against Barcelona.

Barcelona Not into UEFA’s Finals

Barcelona can’t be happy with losing in such a surreal fashion against Liverpool. In their first game, Barcelona did 3:0 against Liverpool, and people thought – that’s it. What can go wrong from here now on? Well, as it turned out – QUITE a few things.

Barcelona lost in an almost hilarious fashion with 4-0 against Liverpool basically throwing a game that they couldn’t have lost. Fans prodded fun at the Spanish powerhouse saying that they had come to lose by only 0-1, but things haven’t quite panned out for them in the end.

Barcelona has no good excuse for losing this game and this is a simple fact. Arguing otherwise would be wrong. Therefore Barcelona have no excuse for having suffer such a scathing defeat. They will be coming back in the game against Eibar and there is no way better way to explain the current situation.

Eibar will unfortunately be on the receiving end of Barcelona’s wrath. The team definitely doesn’t deserve by a lot, but the 1st team in the league will seek to set an example. Barcelona have lost only 1 game in their last 5 whereas Eibar has only 2 victories.

If pressed, though, we will always back the small guy, because it’s just something we like to do. Barcelona are a fantastic team but they hardly need our support to push forward. We would honestly want to see a resurgent Eibar that is capable of scoring against Barcelona and then hold out to any attacks – no matter how strong Barcelona pushes.

Soccer Will Return in September

Yes, the last fixture of La Liga is definitely interesting, but the good news is that the competition will return once again in September. As for now, we all have the weekend to expect to see what will happen.

Many great teams will play, including Valencia, Sevilla and others. Barcelona are definitely oneo the most charming teas, but they are not all you can see this weekend!

With this being said, we wish good luck to Eibar in their weekend game.

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