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Barcelona and Liverpool Big Game Tonight

Barcelona and Liverpool Big Game Tonight

Barcelona and Liverpool will play a big game this Wednesday. It’s going to be the UEFA Champions League first match-up between the teams that seem to dominate the game at home. Barca are now Spain’s champions after winning the La Liga during the weekend. Can Liverpool defeat them?

Barcelona vs Liverpool – Who Is Going to Win Game 1 of the UCL Semifinals?

Barcelona are definitely quite optimistic. Lionel Messi appears to be unstoppable. Barca struggled throughout the entire game against Levante, but then Messi came in the second half and 18 minutes later, the goal entered the opponent’s net.

It was the moment of absolute joy. Barca didn’t let headiness get the better of them and they doubled down on defence with Piquet and Messi barraging Levante’s goalie, but not finding another opportunity to score.

It was one of the most spectacular shows during the weekends and we are happy to have seen it. It also gave us good clues about what to expect in the upcoming game between the EPL titans from Liverpool.

Liverpool Are All Good to Go

Liverpool admitted a few defeats at the beginning of the season, but they have gone largely undefeated ever since. It’s definitely good to see Klopp’s men come up against Barca and being put to the ultimate test that is defeating true champions.

Liverpool have to fight on two fronts, too, but there is very little that they can do at this point. At home, Manchester City leads with one point, and if City wins the last two fixtures, then goodbye LiverpoolMan City will be the winner of the EPL for 2018/2019.

However, Klopp and his footballers are optimistic. Klopp even sent an SMS to a Burnley’s Ashley Barnes footballer, prompting him to score against Manchester City for which he would be offered a place in Liverpool.

It was a killer of a joke which just goes to show what kind of a person Klopp is. He’s composed, always has something nice to say about friend and foe in equal measures and is quite pleasant to be around.

Klopp is the reason why Liverpool have made it so far. Well, that and the fact that Liverpool are actually pretty smart guys. Each footballer on the team is somewhat of a strategist themselves. This is precise what makes them very tough to stop at home.

Most footballers listen to their coaches and Liverpool do, too, but there is a “but”. They know how to adapt and completely change the tact of the game. If one of them does something new, the rest immediately become aware of the sublet change in tactics and begin to reposition themselves.

Forget about what’s been drilled, Liverpool do it on the fly and that’s what gives everyone so much trouble.

Robertson – Is He Going to Challenge Messi?

With the game on Camp Nou drawing to an immediate start, you are certainly wondering – what can I do to influence the outcome of the games that lie ahead of us? Robertson is definitely the player to challenge Messi, but despite his strong attacks, he is definitely lacking speed.

True, Messi can hardly finish a headshot into the net as Robertson can, but the nimble athlete has been known to overcome great defenses and find his way into the goalie.

Many analysts now say that no strategies can stop Messi. The fact is that players will have to step up and take responsibility. Put simply, you will want to have players that are capable of taking some responsibility for the outcome of a game and see if they can lock down Messi.

It can be any player and that’s the point that Klopp will be trying to communicate to his players. Liverpool’s squad definitely won’t hesitate to do their best and lock Messi down, and Robertson is going to be one of the footballers that is to give his best shot, although he will be mostly busy attacking Barca’s goalie.

Camp Nou – Liverpool’s Best Stadium to Play

Camp Nou is a stadium where Liverpool just perform well. They haven’t lost a game here and that’s enough to reassure even the most incredulous observer. With Liverpool leading on Barcelona in terms of historic games, the question is whether the team will do the same on Wednesday.

Barcelona and Liverpool have 6 points each in the last six games. Even though Liverpool leads in the way of victories, their performance is closely matched and there are no two ways about that. Liverpool though are coming into the game with injured players.

Despite their stellar performance so far, many are now thinking that the team is certainly peaking in so far as its performance is concerned. These rumors could be true.

Barcelona – Never Better

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Barcelona who have just won the La Liga and are definitely proving to be quite the accomplished team. They will be coming hard into the game. They have no injured players and everyone is in top shape. They have just manged to secure a big victory and are brimming with confidence.

Yet, they need to play carefully because Liverpool will do. Seeing Messi face off with Liverpool is also quite the spectacle, we are sure of that. The game will be intense with loads of to’s and fro’s. However, there is also a risk that we will see a very conservative game being played out.

Why? Because both teams have defense of steel. Perforating those final metres to the goalie is almost impossible. Shooting from afar and catching the team unawares is even less likely.

The Other Games in the UCL Semifinal – Ajax vs Tottenham

Ajax vs Tottenham is another big match up. The UEFA Semifinal is going to be big and Ajax and Tottenham are going to be part of the events. We do love Tottenham for their somewhat composed play in the English Premier League.

There is a curse about Tottenham – they never can beat the top teams in the EPL. It’s just the way it goes. However, it’s also true that Tottenham have been faced with much fewer troubles along the way and they are not at a risk of exhausting their players.

Of course, Liverpool are not “exhausted” per se, they are just – committed. Committed to the goal of becoming the team that dominates both the EPL and UEFA. Tottenham however may have a better chance to win the UEFA than Liverpool.

The players are relaxed and while Ajax is a formidable enemy, this match up seems to be less intense than the other game.

Can Tottenham come strong into the game and defeat Ajax? Well, they will have to try because there is no other thing left for them to try.

Both teams have spirit and they are definitely committed to giving it a go. It should not take so much effort for both teams to stay in the UEFA Semifinal, but the task will be most trying. Can Tottenham respond to Ajax in a way that keeps them in the front seat?

Looking at the Odds

If you are a gambler, then the odds would matter a whole ton for you. We do recommend dropping places like Bet365 to get a better read on the situation. If you want our predictions, they are very straightforward:

  • Tottenham will lose to Ajax
  • Liverpool and Barca will have a tough game, but Barca will most likely edge them out

The reason why we are a little sceptical towards Liverpool is that they really seem to have spent their players, similar to how Tottenham have. The truth is that not many people can get the odds right.

We don’t think that our advice is carved in stone either. There are many ifs and buts that can completely upset the game for the clear favorites.

Messi did come fresh in the 60th minute and he did play quicker than any of the other footballers on the stadium could. But he was well-rested. This is a smart strategy which definitely has to be put to a test.

Overall, Messi did a great job and we can see a repeat of this in the game against Liverpool on Wednesday. Don’t forget to tune in and see the tomorrow’s game which will bring us all a lot of excitement on Wednesday!

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