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UEFA Champions League: Barcelona vs Ajax?

UEFA Champions League: Barcelona vs Ajax?

The first games for both Ajax and Barcelona are now over. The two teams managed to defeat their respective opponents, Tottenham and Liverpool, nearly relegating the teams out of the race. What happened and why did the EPL teams do so badly?

Barcelona vs Liverpool – Game 2 Coming Up

Barcelona and Liverpool had a very intense first game. While Liverpool started strongly in the first half, they began making mistakes early on, securing Barcelona a 2-point lead. A third, devastating point came later on in the competition, with Lionel Messi sealing the deal completely in favor of his team and tucking in a spectacular 3rd goal.

Messi had the crowds in ecstasy and Barcelona achieved an important first victory. Liverpool allowed their defense to falter. In the analysts before the game, experts said that Messi would be difficult to stop. It turned out to be true.

The analysts also said that for Liverpool to succeed, they would need to step up and assume responsibility. Somewhere along the way, Liverpool just didn’t pull it off.

It was bizarre to watch Jurgen Klopp’s team getting drubbed. Having completely dominated the English Premier League (EPL), Liverpool haven’t suffered a tougher defeat in a long while. The team completely lost their footing in the important match against Barcelona.

Why? Nobody really knows. Liverpool lacked in defense and they didn’t show their overall inventiveness in attacking. It was strange to watch how one of the best clubs that had gone undefeated for months got completely trashed.

Even though Camp Nou is historically a strong stadium for Liverpool, it wasn’t so this time around. History didn’t help Liverpool either, with their team managing to defeat and even knock out Barcelona of important competitions.

Meanwhile, Tottenham were fighting a game of their own.

Tottenham vs Ajax – What Happened in Game 1?

There we have Tottenham, the team to do somewhat better against Ajax. Even though the Spurs came into the game with a number of injured athletes (and many missing out completely), the team played well.

They succumbed to Ajax in the end, but the opponent’s advantage was negligible, giving them just one-point advantage if anything. Ajax did very well on the offensive and the they managed to shut down the Spurs attacks, which left them a little confused.

However, Tottenham, seeing that offensive was lacking decided to focus on their own defense as well as the midfield, choosing to play very slow and methodical attacks rather than the spurt-of-the-moment assault on the enemy’s goal.

Tottenham didn’t have much of the initiative though and their decision to focus on the mid-field gave the less of ability to attack and make sure they score. Still, holding out and giving up only one point to Ajax was an important development in itself.

At the same time, Liverpool suffered a drubbing at the hands of Barcelona. If some have been hoping that they will see an English UCL, they now must reconsider. Both Ajax and Barcelona have significant advantages over their respective teams.

The Betting Preview: UCL – Barcelona, Liverpool

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Jurgen Klopp is not a person who leaves matters unsettled. He and Liverpool will seek a place back to the top. It’s very unlikely that Liverpool will manage to catch up or defeat Barcelona – with the disastrous first game Barca are very confident and let’s face it – Messi’s talent is impossible to deny.

However, Liverpool may yet win the game. Doubling down on defense and stressing the importance of successful attacks on the attackers will become Jurgen’s new mantra for the upcoming game. Defeating opponents is not an easy undertaking and when the opponent is FC Barcelona, this is even less of a plausible scenario to entertain.

Liverpool needs to refocus its efforts on what can be done rather than worry about the past results. Even though they probably won’t be progressing to the finals, Liverpool can definitely do their absolute best to stand out in the next competition.

All that is needed is for the team to ensure that they win over Barca and prove that they can do it. If they drub them 3-0, this will be a fantastic outcome indeed and will put the team’s back on the top. It’s important to fight for victory – no matter what the final outcome is. Liverpool know this.

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