RB Leipzig vs Bayern – The Bundesliga’s Deciding Game

RB Leipzig vs Bayern – The Bundesliga’s Deciding Game

Well, the EPL and UEFA are almost done, so there is not much to talk about. This is why we are moving our current focus on the equally interesting Bundesliga. The Bundesliga is indeed one of the most exciting soccer competitions and if you want to check out some awesome games, you will definitely make sure that you are looking those up. The game that will take place on Saturday, May 11 between RB Leipzig and Bayern Munich FC is precisely one that you need to look up.

RB Leipzig and Bayern Munich FC – The Bundesliga Game

RB Leipzig and Bayern Munich are definitely evely matched teams and we can confirm that. Munich went undefeated the past 5 games. Four ended with victories and there was one draw. However, Leipzig now have similar results.

Put simply, Leipzig won all of their last four games. This means one thing for fans – the game will definitely be worth your while. These two teams are German powerhouses currently ranked #1 and #3 with Munich taking the lead.

Leipzig are not very likely to make it all the way to to the top this round of the Bundesliga, but this shouldn’t dispirt them. The team has been quite frankly an unstoppable force throughout the competition.

Surely, they got somewhat out-played by their Spanish and English counterparts in the European championships, but this hasn’t stopped Leipzig to pull off one remarkable play after another. Staying on top of evertyhing is often difficult and that is why Leipzig will need to focus and put an extra effort in if they really want to see things go their own way.

Bayern – A Force to Reckon With

If there is one thing that we have learnt watching Bayern, it’s that they seldom lose. Their victories are usually accompanied by several successful goals in the opponent’s goalie. This means that you will always see Bayern leading with at least 2 points.

It so happens that some teams are tougher and they often draw just one-point loss. I.e. there are a handful of games where the team wins by just one point, but for the most part, Bayern really know how to dominate the field and do it well.

We have also noticed that Bayern are a team that plays very cleanly in the sense that they seldom get cards. In fact, even in the games they tend to win somewhat overwhelmingly, we have seen the opposing teams get the most of the yellow and red cards.

Bayern demonstrate single-minded that is quite inspiring. Put another way, Bayern aren’t interested in tussles on the stadium. They want to get the ball and play right. If they are fouled that’s mostly because their opponents cannot stop them otherwise.

When facing a tough opponent as Bayern, it’s understandable why you would panic and do mistakes. Still, Bayern don’t really slow their pace to accommodate opponents, but they don’t do it out of meanness either – the team is out there to win and that’s precisely what they do.

However, Leipzig is not a team that will have difficult staving off Bayern’s attacks and this is a realization that Bayern themselves need to reach. Having a similar overall stats, the teams will have to do a lot to keep up to Leipzig.

Who Will Win – Plain and Simple?

With four victories for each team in the past five games and a draw, it’s understandable that a lot is at stake. Put simply, both teams have a real inceptive to get the points. Leipzig can inflict a double trouble on Bayern.

If they win, Bayern will not only lose the points, but this will also give Leipzig an opportunity to climb up to the leader board, which is just what the team needs right now. The games will be televised, but you can always drop in on us and check the live score.

Bayern are somewhat of a favorite to us, but if we have to be honest and say that we want to see Leipzig come resurgent in this game. It’s not always easy to top the #1 in the overall competition but, Leipzig have all the signs of champions.

Tomorrow’s game is going to be that crucial moment to establish whether they can really do something with this.

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