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West Ham vs Manchester City Plays

West Ham are going to play the big boys from Manchester City.

West Ham vs Manchester City Plays

West Ham are going to play the big boys from Manchester City. There’s absolutely no shame in that and we are certainly in or a treat. Question is what will happen next? Some say that West Ham stand no chance. Other readily rally behind them. Here it is, our own forecast about the upcoming competition.

West Ham vs Manchester City – A Good Match

If you are looking for an excellent and somewhat balanced game, then you should definitely go with the derby between West Ham and Manchester City this Saturday, November 24. The opportunities to enjoy yourself or place a sports wager are quite a few and we invite you not to miss a single one!

Now, let’s first focus on how you can actually watch the game. There are quite a few ways to be fair. First, you can clearly choose to check the live scores every now and then. Live scores can be rather cool. You needn’t be glued to the screen, unless you really enjoy the game and have the time, of course!

If you are eager to never miss a second, just go and hit the live streaming options. Now, there are two ways to go about this, and they are both quite worth it. You can either stream to the bottom of this page where you will find the stream awaiting, or you can instead go to the navigation menu and select the Live Stream bar.

They both work and the upshot is that you will have instant access to the game as it happens!

West Ham – A Good Stride Indeed

A team that is quickly shaping up to be quite the powerhouse on home turf, West Ham is definitely going to turn a few heads on Saturday. They have a strong game versus Chelsea and even though they have lost a few games ever since, they definitely gave their opponents a good run for their money, and that’s to be welcome.

Meanwhile, Manchester City have been dismantling one team after another, no exceptions. They have put themselves on the map and intend to stay there. Most recently, they completely dismantled their sworn rivals from Manchester United. The team steamrolled the Red Devils with a respectable 2 goals lead finishing at 3 points and one for their opponents.

However, we do believe that West Ham have quite what it takes to make the game work in their favor. Up to a point, that is. Put quite simply, you will always find West Ham struggling against Man City, and to be quite honest – West Ham will most likely win, no doubt about that.

However, West Ham have a very specific offensive play that allows them to quickly turn errant balls into real danger for the enemy’s goalie and that’s what Man City will want to avoid when they go up against the quiet underdogs.

Come what may, they will need to be prepared.

A Look at the Odds

When it comes to betting, you will notice that Man City are listed as the absolute behemoths. The odds are so low there that you will need to spend thousands to eke out a nominal return. West Ham on the other hand are given a solid tenner, which means that if you place as little as £10, you will end up with £100. That’s so tempting, indeed.

Odds for the match.

To be quite honest, if we were to risk anything on that game, it would be a draw. We know for a fact that West Ham are simply not ready to defeat a team of Man City’s calibre. And if they do, well, they will defy all forecast, including our own.

There is no shame in hoping that West Ham can defeat though. They certainly will give it their best shot, and to be fair – in the end that’s all that really matters. However, we would be even more appreciative to see a well-balanced match.

This will depend on West Ham, as Man City are most certainly prepared to take on the Hammers. What will transpire on the field? Well, many think to know precisely, but we will leave it up to the facts. And to be more precise – we will tune in to watch with you on Saturday!