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West Ham Face Cardiff in Round 15, EPL

We have hardly had time to cool off from Round 15 of the EPL, and we’re back at it.

West Ham Face Cardiff in Round 15, EPL

We have hardly had time to cool off from Round 15 of the EPL, and we’re back at it. There are quite a few games to be looking forward, too, and we believe that December 4 will bring us quite a bit of action. Let’s have a look what West Ham are planning for their Tuesday match.

Where to Watch Westham vs Cardiff

West Ham played a superb game on Saturday, defeating Newcastle unapologetically with 3-0 going in the way of the low-tier favorites. West Ham are slowly climbing the leaderboard, although with 7 losses already, they are unlikely to go very far. But break into the top 10 spots, that’s quite feasible, and we all know that it’s something worth fighting for throughout the entire EPL.

But where can we catch a glimpse of the action? It’ll be Tuesday, and the chances that you are caught in traffic or on the tube are big. So, why don’t you quickly check out the live streaming options and the live scores that we keep readily available for you. Better yet, we have your back even now. If you are reading this, all you need to do to get to the live action is to scroll down and enjoy our embedded stream.

Yes, we do mean to have your back. Now that all of this has been sorted out, let’s talk about the game.

Our Opinion About the Upcoming Game

We are huge fans of Cardiff and this should be known from the very start. The team has definitely had a rough patch and they are unlikely to end up overcoming it in this season, but they are at least trying.

The team performed quite respectfully against two rather stronger teams, too, facing off Manchester in a draw in November and losing to Tottenham with the still respectable 1:0. Yes, Cardiff have been improving a lot on their game and they are currently 14th.

Just one place behind West Ham, Crystal will seem to be coming into the race prepared to compete with the best. If we must be honest, we quite admire the current form of West Ham.

The team has done quite well by itself. West Ham has achieved a good shape and their footballers seem quite determined to continue adding to their victories. It’s true that the team is facing a team that is equally determined to fight back any opposition, but we can tell that West Hamm have a lot of spirit and fire burning.

There are just hours left before the match and everyone is already pretty much set about their bets and anticipating the outcome of the game to begin with.

Whom Should You Support?

You can opt for either team as we believe that they both have a lot to offer you right this minute. However, we’ll personally back West Ham, because we love their determination to win whatever the hurdles. We wish Cardiff the best of luck as well, of course, too! Oh, and since you are reading this – hang for a while and use our live stream to watch the game!