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Watford vs Leicester this Saturday, EPL 14

Leicester and Watford are going to be caught in a battle on December 1.

Watford vs Leicester this Saturday, EPL 14

Leicester and Watford are going to be caught in a battle on December 1. The two teams will definitely want to score a point and improve their current standings. This is also perhaps the first match in the EPL so far that we can say that will be balanced. So, let’s have a quick look, shall we?

Watford and Leicester – What Do We Have Here?

Leicester have gone up a bit in the overall standing. They really had the good fortune to outplay a number of opponents in the previous rounds and draw where they couldn’t clinch the game in their victory. Well done, Leicester. You are top 10. And being top 10 is definitely worth it as it come with some distinct perks.

Watford in the meanwhile have slipped a few places, and while it’s understandable, the team certainly regrets not having kept in the top echelons of the competition. However, Watford definitely didn’t have an easy few last games. Had the fortunes been different, Watford would’ve been around 4th place, but they are ninth and that’s that.

Watford lost to Liverpool (0-3) and they almost lost to Southampton (1-1), with a match before that going in favor of Newcastle (0-1). Well, it’s definitely been rough, but then again Watford have really had a bunch of rough opponents to handle.

What happened with Leicester in the meanwhile? Leicester have mostly had draws with all teams that they have been facing so far. They went on to defeat Cardiff. The first loss that we can trace is four games back when the team managed to score against Arsenal, but the Gunners brought them down with 3 shots after that.

It’s in this patchwork of results and scores that we are trying to make sense and issue our recommendations. But first, where can we watch the game?

Watching the Game Live on Saturday

If you are eager to watch the game as it happens, you will have plenty of opportunities to do so while diving into other varied facilities, which will allow you to benefit in full from all the tools that we have to help you follow the games. You needn’t worry in the slightest, too. If it’s live streams you need, simply click on the Live Steaming option.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the time to sped watching the game, we would rather have you just go through the Live Scores. They are updated in real time (we also have an app!), and you can quickly swap left and right to be always in the loop. Well, the choice is entirely yours either way.


And so, the match seems to be contested. The odds are tricky. From a snapshot we had at our odds comparer, it will hard to squeeze profit from many of those outright. Of course, most sport betting odds are tricky to pinpoint, but if we were pushed, we’d say to back Watford. They just seem to be in better form despite a few losses. They also have more victories than Leicester, too.