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Uefa Finals in Baku: Will Arsenal Win Over Chelsea?

Uefa Europa League is upon us an the 2019th edition is a purely English affair.

Uefa Finals in Baku: Will Arsenal Win Over Chelsea?

Uefa Europa League is upon us an the 2019th edition is a purely English affair. Chelsea will be facing Arsenal at a time when both team need to win a game and make sure that their season meant something. With the game taking place on Wednesday, May 29, there’s plenty of time to study the likely outcomes.

Can Chelsea Return?

With their 3rd place in the English Premier League at home and quite the games against Valencia, Chelsea are definitely a force to be reckoned with. The team of Sarri has made it far and this is not any fluke. However, Chelsea are bogged down in many oncoming problems:

  • They lost an affluent owner
  • Their player transfers may be blocked in the upcoming season
  • They have failed to defeat the Gunners recently

Chelsea is definitely an embattled team and anyone who watches football will tell you that they are trying to do the best they can with what they have. After the golden age, Chelsea may finally be in the decadent decline that the height of all careers necessarily entails.

The low-point may be averted, though, and all that needs to be done is for those in control to really focus on the team’s prospect of coming out victorious again the Gunners on Wednesday, May 29.

The truth is that there is too much that can go wrong. Sarri will want to seal the title and then start to quickly re-organize Chelsea for a potentially very tough season. Winning big in Baku would give him the political capital to undertake important changes – transfers or no transfers.

The Gunners Also Need the Title

Without any doubt, the title is just as important for Arsenal. The Gunners had a worse season in the the EPL and they will definitely need to find a way to come back on top when it comes to the Uefa championship.

Securing a victory would be ideal for them. They can also use the money from a potential victory to invest a little more into taking some of the more talented players in the league. The Gunners have also struggled a fair bit in finding a foothold in previous competitions, having let Uefa elude them for years now.

Plus, Arsenal finished 5h in EPL, which is indicative of the advantage that most other teams had. In honesty, Arsenal also had to undergo some fairly important changes. The team was faced with change in leadership and a short-lived crisis afterwards.

However, Arsenal have come back strong in the competition. There is one thing that raises some concerns however. The question is if the team can recuperate after losing nearly four games in the last leg of the EPL. Arsenal registered three consecutive defeats and while they pulled ahead in the semi-finals in Uefa, the team clearly has a lot of things to address and address them quickly.

Where to Watch the Game?

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Conclusion: Which Side Will Win?

Chelsea may be in decline, but they seem focused on the file – this might be their last big distinction by the end of the 2019/2020 season, so they will be 100% themselves in Baku on Wednesday. On the other hands, Arsenal have been doing better when it comes to facing off the Blues. They routed Chelsea 2-0 when they met at home in the EPL. Would there be a repeat?

The analysts expect Arsenal to win 2-1, but we know for a fact that Sarri and the Blues are playing for their honor. On the plus side, Sarri has been a good manager despite the many difficulties he has been faced recently.

The only surefire way out of trouble is by ensuring that Chelsea dominates Arsenal, or failing that least defeat them respectfully. A defeat may be too big of a blow to the confidence of Chelsea who will have a lazy summer fraught with new challenges ahead.