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Manchester City vs Watford in EPL 15

Watford and Manchester City will be facing each other off in mere hours.

Manchester City vs Watford in EPL 15

Watford and Manchester City will be facing each other off in mere hours. We’re quite exciting to see what will follow. Not everyone is convinced that we will witness a balanced match either, but we will be backing Watford, even if Manchester City are undefeatable.

EPL 15: Manchester City vs Watford

Manchester City will be playing Watford. Fans on both ends of the lines are quite cheerful. Manchester City’s supporters expect a swift victory. Watford know they are in a pickle, but they intend to throw a good fight and withstand the attacks of the leaders.

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Manchester City

Manchester City are performing fantastically. They haven’t lost a single game this season putting them at the very top of the league. Not surprisingly, the team defeated their long-time rivals Manchester United. City have been demonstrating exquisite play across the board with the team playing a mix of balanced and offensive strategy. Guardiola has been an excellent job at the helm of Man City leading the team to a string of victories, minus a few draws that were fought hard by all squads.

Man City is in a superior form to Watford, our analysts indicate. Apart from having won more games, the footballers seem to be better-fit athletically. Not least of all, there is always the mental pressure of going up against an established powerhouse such as Manchester City, too.

Watford are well aware what their opponents can do and have no way of countering this right now. Instead of regretting their options, though, they will definitely give it a proper fight.



Is there anything that can improve the team’s fortunes? We believe they should demonstrate a confident play instead of seeking alternative solutions. Watford are an accomplished team, too, even if they have to fight harder for their successes.

Currently 10th in the overall EPL standing, the team has a lot to show to any opponent who challenges it.  With this in mind, we are sure that Watford can indeed pull off exquisite plays. However, they have lost most of their past 5 games (four in fact), and that’s not reassuring at all.

We understand that Watford are undergoing a tough spell. And we will hope that they will overcome it. If you are eager to follow the competition right away, we recommend that you check out the live stream we have prepared for you right here.