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Liverpool vs Chelsea: Round 34, EPL 2019

Liverpool and Chelsea will play in the 34-round of the English Premier League.

Liverpool vs Chelsea: Round 34, EPL 2019

Liverpool and Chelsea will play in the 34-round of the English Premier League. The event is slated to begin tomorrow, April 14 and it’s going to be exciting by all means. Liverpool have gone largely undefeated so the question is if the 4th best team in the EPL can actually score against them.

EPL Round 34, 2019: Chelsea vs Liverpool


Let’s have a quick overview of your options here. The game is definitely quite exciting and you will do well to study all the available options. We want to recommend you everything that is worth about this game – from the betting to breaking it neatly down for you so you can get a very good idea of what’s happening. We will help you really get a foothold as it is.

Before we go there, let’s remind you that you can always watch live directly on our websites or you can get live updates. We provide you with quite a few analyses as well. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into the game because it is quite important to get it right after all.

Chelsea – The Blues Will Prevail?


It’s tough to say where Chelsea stands. They are definitely not a team that will go down without a fight. In fact, it would be presumptuous to say that they are the ones who are going to lose the game, but damn – have you seen Liverpool’s track record so far?

These guys are certainly unstoppable. Liverpool know it, though they don’t often brag about it. They seem to be in love with football and their game is not about winning just, it’s about keeping their impeccable score. This has given them even bigger motivation to make sure they win.

Out of 34 games so far, they have 25 victories, 7 draws and only 1 defeat. Can you even begin to imagine this? One defeat. We are not sure how Liverpool have been able to do it, but the results are quite obvious.

So, can Chelsea defeat Liverpool?

You bet. The blues are just as dangerous as at any point in their past. They manage to completely shut down any opponent -be that an undefeated EPL champion or anyone really. Chelsea are also known to never underestimate their opponents although recently their morale has been low because their owner has been ousted amid sanctions.



Liverpool is indeed quite the place to be. The team has managed to successfully conquer the summits of football impressing everyone in the process. We’ve already summed it up. Their outstanding track record this season is the dream of any EPL team.

With just 1 defeat, the team is rocking it! No other team has ever managed to perform so well and seeing the immense talent of the squad is just outstanding. Liverpool will continue to dominate the EPL for sure next year.

Question is, can teams like Chelsea to throw a spanner in the works or are Liverpool truly unstoppable? We believe that the blues will definitely give Liverpool a run for their money. It’s of course a bit of a challenge to say what to expect specifically. Chelsea has managed to win the majority of its last games, losing only to Everton.

Liverpool has been winning games left and right – no questions asked. They do play an aggressive style, though, and they always let their opponents score against them. This is a semi-dangerous gambit, but it has worked splendidly for Liverpool and it’s perhaps a bit of an exaggeration to even worry about something so inconsequential.

The truth is that many things can happen tomorrow, but we will have to wait and see.

The Game Fast Approaches – Final Thought


Liverpool vs Chelsea is going to be quite the spectacle and you will definitely want to plunge into it and watch it and enjoy it. We sincerely recommend the game as it’s one of the most exciting we will see in the EPL yet. With just a few rounds of the EPL to go, it’s really a small surprise that Liverpool are still in the leadership position.

There is a small chance that Manchester City will manage to catch up, but they will really need to rev up their game. Chelsea are slightly far behind and Arsenal are also some serious contenders. The games are going to be more and more serious from now on. Every minute, every point will be of importance so we advise you to tune in and watch.

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