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Everton vs Liverpool in EPL 14

Liverpool are going to play Everton and they will most likely get the point.

Everton vs Liverpool in EPL 14

Liverpool are going to play Everton and they will most likely get the point. Will Man City keep their leadership position in the league? Well, that depends on whether they beat Bournemouth and whether Liverpool manages to triumph over Everton.

Everton and the Liverpool Juggernaut


They just cannot be stopped some tend to think. Liverpool will most certainly be trying to repeat one of the 10 victories it so far has in the EPL. Some hope that Everton can do the other thing – draw with Liverpool. But what are the chances of this actually happening?

We’re not precisely sure. If you trust the bookmakers, they are pretty slim. If you trust our gut feeling – none. Everton are an outstanding team in their own right, but Liverpool are just a team that seems quite determined to one-up anyone in their path, one way or another.

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Who Will Win Then?


Everton have been showing a varying level of skill that’s worth praising. They have managed to defeat some skilled opponents, but they have also lost to not the best ranked teams either. And now they have to overcome the Liverpool juggernaut which is no easy task.

In fact, we’re not sure if any team in the EPL can do it right now, although Man City are ahead with one draw score fewer. We cannot be certain whether Liverpool will win, but Everton managing anything different but a 1-point loss seems highly improbable.

As things stand, Everton know that they will be facing a top team, in fact – possibly the best out there you can find. With this in mind, Everton will definitely want to respond to this threat in kind without risking unnecessarily.

To help themselves achieve their goals, the team will have to truly outdo themselves, too. Some estimate that this is quite impossible. Others want to pin their hopes (but not their bets) on Everton.

Drawing a Line and Hoping for the Best Outcome


We can’t help but admire the skill and professionalism that go in the game of Liverpool. We’ve watched every game so far, and the type of gameplay they demonstrate is quite effortless, leaving many opponents to despair indeed. With this in mind, it’s understandable why Everton don’t seem to stand much of a chance.

On a personal note, we definitely like Everton, because they are not one of the top teams right now, but they have all the trappings to be one. It might take a while. And it might even take a little while longer than the game on Sunday.