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EPL 14 Results at a Glance

The EPL has almost wrapped up the 14th round and it’s definitely worth putting a few notes down.

EPL 14 Results at a Glance

The EPL has almost wrapped up the 14th round and it’s definitely worth putting a few notes down. The events were quite exciting and by all means – worth your while. We spend the weekend watching the games and checking out how close we got to guessing the outcome of the matches. In most cases, we were right, which is refreshing and enjoyable. So, let’s have a look at what happened.

Cardiff vs Wolverhampton

Cardiff really pulled back from the edge, making sure to top the competition unchallenged by Wolverhampton. The game went clearly in the way of Cardiff who managed two points throughout the competition, conceding only one goal in favor of Wolverhampton.

Manchester City vs Bournemouth

We really wanted to see Bournemouth carry out some unimaginable feat, but Manchester City has really done well by managing to limit their opponents and stop them from pursuing a more serious realization in the match. It’s understandable that Manchester City have been able to do this, as there are only a few teams that will ever be able to clamp down on teams, such as these.

Leicester vs Watford

Leicester vs Watford was a rather expected turn of events, with Leicester showing themselves in top form, despite a string of draws whereas Watford didn’t quite manage. In fact, Watford were even awarded a red card, which was definitely not flattering.

Crystal Palace vs Burnley

Crystal Palace managed to dominate their respective field quickie and swiftly. The team had all the advantages they could have wished for – from recovered footballers to a rather good form indeed. It’s been a most successful time for Crystal Palace and perhaps not as much for Burnley.

West Ham vs Newcastle

West Ham demonstrated that they are not only capable to pull off some excellent plays in defense but also equally punish any team that underestimates them. West Ham have been known to be a dangerous squad that even the top teams in the EPL respect and address seriously as West Ham are quite capable to pull surprises while playing at the highest level of competition still.

Manchester United vs Southampton

To speak the truth, Manchester United are supposed to generally defeat Southampton without giving them much reason for concern. However, the match was rather two-sided with both teams playing on par, leading to 2-2 as the end result. Not Manchester United’s desired score for sure, but the accurate one nevertheless.

Chelsea vs Fulham

Well, the game between Chelsea and Fulham again came as no surprise. We saw Fulham lose with 2 points, which is not a bad score especially when you are playing the top team in your group. With this being said, there’s quite a bit more that the teams will want and need to address in their future games, though Chelsea did show no sign of weakness.