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Bournemouth to play Manchester City on Saturday, EPL 14

Manchester City have gone undefeated 14 rounds.

Bournemouth to play Manchester City on Saturday, EPL 14

Manchester City have gone undefeated 14 rounds. Can Bournemouth out-do this? It would be most interesting to behold, but there will be little evidence to suggest that they truly can. We will keep our fingers crossed for Bournemouth, though and wish them luck as they step up to play against one of the toughest opponents in the entire league.

Bournemouth to Brave a Tough Challenge

Bournemouth are going to play a truly challenging set of opponents and there is no mistaking that. They are likely to see challenges starting to pile up left and right, and there’s no blaming them that they are yet uncertain about the outcome of the race.

In fact, nobody really can be. Until it happens. Bournemouth hover around the 8th spot in the English Premier League and we ought to ask ourselves – is this just enough? There are mixed feelings about it.

Manchester City started confidently, they played defeating everyone in their groups time and over again. Nobody has really managed to stand up to the juggernaut they have proven to be. Not even Liverpool. Liverpool have bee quite determined to compete for the top spots in the league.

Liverpool has one victory fewer than Manchester City and that’s what keeping them out of the race. Bournemouth will be playing Manchester City in an attempt to try and defeat them. It’s not very likely that they will succeed, though.

Man City have been demonstrating impeccable play all throughout the season and that’s simply difficult to beat. The team have been dismantling one worthy opponent after another. For Bournemouth to succeed, they will have to defy the available statistics in a rather convincing way, too.

We believe that there is a small chance nevertheless.

Where to Watch the Game Between Bournemouth and Man City

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Man City Undefeatable?

It seems that Manchester City are indeed quite unstoppable. Fourteen teams have tried to beat them so far – how many have succeeded? Well, you’ve got this right in the very least – none in fact. Is this reason for concern? Not quite, not entirely. They did draw in a few of their games, but those were hard-fought battles with other top teams.

Bournemouth are not exactly minnows in the world of football and we will be the first to admit that there’s much that they can do to impress fans and opponent alike. However, this will require to defy all forecasts.


If you are a chance taker, betting on a draw against Manchester City will definitely have great returns for you, but you will also have to consider that the opportunities for that happening are in fact quite slim. With this in mind, we advise you to tailor your bets accordingly. Better yet, why not just enjoy the game and leave the betting for a slightly better balanced game?