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Arsenal vs Tottenham’s Sunday Fray, EPL 14

Arsenal and Tottenham is one of the matches that we must all be expecting.

Arsenal vs Tottenham’s Sunday Fray, EPL 14

Arsenal and Tottenham is one of the matches that we must all be expecting. And how couldn’t we be? Remember the beginning of the EPL? Well, let’s catch you up for your benefit.

EPL: Arsenal vs Tottenham – It’s Happening Again


At the beginning of the season Arsenal had just undergone a major change. They had to replace a trainer and the new coach was under a lot of pressure. Many fans didn’t approve of the swap and that was palatable. Arsenal fans were calling for tossing the ill-fated new trainer.

But the team said that they should be given time. Even following the drubbing defeat from Tottenham Spurs which left many people disgruntled. Nevertheless, Arsenal are not going to leave themselves be bossed around and we are expecting to see an exceptional match upcoming this weekend.

But where can we actually enjoy the match? Well, the answer to this question is quite simple, in fact. You can watch it right here. Any time you wish and we welcome you to go right ahead and do this. We provide you with live streams and live scores in case you just want to check up on the score. It makes no odds to us.

Two Teams Determined to Win


The upcoming game between Arsenal and Tottenham is probably one of the best-balanced ones in the entire competition. We can definitely see the merits of backing both teams. Tottenham’s Harry is touted as one of the strongest team members, but he seems to have been slipping a bit.

Conversely, Arsenal seem to be a well-formed team, but there are no guarantees that the team will manage to break the mental threshold that may be weighing them down. Naturally, both squads are convinced that they will inflict a smarting defeat on their counterparts. However, whether this comes to an actual pass will be difficult to say, particularly when there are so many uncertainties.

The gap between the squads have been closed, as they are both pretty determined to contest a victory. It’s a tough call indeed. On the one hand, Arsenal seem to have all they need to inflict a defeat on Tottenham, but Tottenham are the Hotspurs, and this means that they can counter nearly every unfavourable play, which is reason enough for concern.

It’s About the Bragging Rights


More or less, both teams want to triumph over one another to be able to say that they’ve done so. Of course, the point they will be getting out of this is absolutely crucial, but it sees to come second.

Tottenham are third in the overall standing and Arsenal come fifth, so this is already a top-level match. Interestingly, Tottenham have two victorious more than The Gunners, whereas Arsenal manages the score with three or so draws.

Tottenham also had some easy matches, too, although Arsenal had its own fair share. The upcoming game will not be decisive at all, as we’re not even in the middle of the season, so bragging rights will be the most important outcome out of Sunday’s game.