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5 Great Teams to Bet on in the English Premier League

If you are like us, then betting on football is one of the things you do for fun and let’s face it – because you are very good at it.

5 Great Teams to Bet on in the English Premier League

If you are like us, then betting on football is one of the things you do for fun and let’s face it – because you are very good at it. With this in mind, let’s get you started with something that will be truly fun and you will get to enjoy quite a bit yourself – learning how to bet and which teams are worth it.

Today we present you five teams from the English Premier League which always manage to fight their way back to the top. Some of these teams are very prominent, others less so.

Here’s the list:

  • Liverpool
  • Manchester City
  • Arsenal
  • Tottenham
  • Wolverhampton



Liverpool haven’t had a bad game for a long, long while now. The fact that they are so capable and excel so well is really reassuring. You are most welcome to place any wager that you believe will turn a winner.

Liverpool hardly ever lose a game and that must be reassuring – well, it indeed is and we know this much ourselves.

Manchester City


Man City are very close second – although they are always the leaders – when it comes to playing. There’s one thing that Manchester City do and it’s play beautiful football. It’s not just being able to afford the best footballers.

What we have seen from Manchester City is really unparalleled football, and if you are looking for a team in the English Premier League (EPL) to bet on, you should definitely check Manchester City even when they play against such worthy opponents as Liverpool.



Arsenal are one of the teams that has known many challenges. In 2019, they hardly seem to be top gunners, but the truth is that they have been doing very well in fact. We cannot fault them for anything that we have seen so far and we definitely don’t want to. We are quite pleased with what the team has been able to demonstrate and we will recommend you to back Arsenal in your wagers come what may.

There are a few situations hat you might want to avoid when it comes to sports betting, particularly when Arsenal play against City or Liverpool, but other than that they are perfectly capable of winning any League game.


Tottenham are sometimes prodded fun at because they haven’t been able to top the EPL. However, the team is always breathing down the neck of the first contenders, hence the proclivity of certain other teams to poke fun at them.

We know for a fact that these guys can play and they have been playing exceptionally well. What has changed in the recent years is the fact that they have been met with quite a few challenges when it comes to the EPL.

They res till very much at the top of it, but they have been struggling to overcome Manchester City and Liverpool – both in terms of head-on competition and by points alone. Tottenham have a lot to polish when it comes to their game and that’s evident, but they are definitely not a team to underestimate.

So, yes – Tottenham do have some catching up to do but this is not too bad, not in the slightest.



So far as great teams go, you will notice that Wolverhampton have been able to establish quite the presence in the EPL. For some, the team is not even on par with Tottenham but truth be told, the Wolves are a really formidable enemy and nobody would deny them their ability to make circumstances really work for them.

We quite admire Wolverhampton for what they have been showing on the pitch. To take any of that for granted would be very wrong and it would undermine your opportunities to place a successful sports wager on the EPL.

We welcome you to go ahead and try to place a sports bet that will change your overall betting balance. Don’t deny yourself an opportunity to really turn the fortunes in your favor. What we expect from you is to continuously strive to place a better wager.


This is our very brief overview of 5 teams in the EPL that you will want to bet on. They are truly outstanding and we remind you that stand an awesome chance to watch all your favorite games online.

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