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World Cup Winners Since 1930

With the World Cup 2018 less than two weeks away, I have decided to take a historic view of the whole tournament.

World Cup Winners Since 1930

With the World Cup 2018 less than two weeks away, I have decided to take a historic view of the whole tournament. A relatively new football fan myself, my knowledge of football history is somewhat limited. So, on the eve of the tournaments’ 21st edition, I did my due diligence to study up who has won the FIFA World Cup.

This 14 June, 32 national teams will face off against each other in a bid to win the world’s most prestigious football title for their country. Without a shadow of doubt, Brazil has been the most successful squad in the event’s long history.

The Brazilian nationals, going by the moniker of Seleção won their first title back in 1958 when Pelé made his first appearance on the big competitive arena of football. Pelé has also been the most successful football player in history, achieving thee World Cup titles in his career.

Pictured: FIFA World Cup 1958 Finals. From left to right, we have Didi, Pelé and Gylmar. Source: Wikipedia.

Overall, eight nations have won the world cup and five of those have managed the feat more than once. Let’s take a gander at who has been winning the cup ever since. Our journey begins back in Uruguay in 1930.

Winners Since 1930

World Cup 1930

Host nation:: Uruguay

Final: Uruguay 4 – 2 Argentina

Italy wins in 1934

Host nation:: Italy

Final: Italy 2 – 1 Czechoslovakia

Italy defends in 1938

Host nation:: France

Final: Italy 4 – 2 Hungary

There were no tournaments in the war years, but later Uruguay came back to claim a second title during the 1950 event

Host nation:: Brazil

Final: Uruguay 2 – 1 Brazil

West Germany wins in 1954

Host nation:: Switzerland

Final: West Germany 3 – 2 Hungary

Brazil Gets a Victoy in 1958

Host nation: Sweden

Final: Brazil 5-2 Sweden

Brazil retains the cup in 1962

Host nation: Chile
Final: Brazil 3-1 Czechoslovakia

England manages a great feat in 1966

Host nation: England

Final:England 4-2 West Germany

Brazil back on top in 1970

Host nation: Mexico

Final: Brazil 4-1 Italy

West Germany manages another victory in 1974

Host nation: West Germany

Final: West Germany 2-1 Netherlands

Argentina scores a victory in 1978

Host nation: Argentina

Final Argentina 3-1 Netherlands

Italy is back with a third cup in 1982

Host nation: Spain

Final: Italy 3-1 West Germany

Argentina wins again in 1986

Host nation: Mexico

Final: Argentina 3-2 West Germany

West Germany manages a victory in 1990

Host nation: Italy

Final: West Germany 1-0 Argentina

Brazil back again after 20 years in 1994

Host nation: United States

Final: Brazil 0-0 Italy (3-2 after a penalty shoot-out)

France en tete in 1998

Host nation: France

Final: France 3-0 Brazil

Brazil wins for the fifth time in 2002

Host nation: Japan and South Korea

Final: Brazil 2-0 Germany

France repeats success in 1996

Host nation: Germany

Final: Italy 1-1 France (5-3 after a penalty shoot-out)

Spain crowned a champ for the first time in 2010

Host nation: South Africa

Final: Spain 1-0 Netherlands

Germany strong again in 2014

Host nation: Brazil

Final: Germany 1-0 Argentina (after extra time)

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