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World Cup Winners and Recap of June 28

June 28 has been an interesting day for football.

World Cup Winners and Recap of June 28

June 28 has been an interesting day for football. Of course, not much of the predictions I’ve made about the outcome came true, but this doesn’t mean I failed to enjoy the matches. I hope you have too. I managed to watch the one where Poland played Japan, with Poland scoring its first victory in the tournament, and at least save some face on their way out of the competition. Meanwhile, Senegal lost from Colombia, meaning that both Japan and Colombia will advance to the second stage of the competition. We will cover the World Cup winners in a bit.

It has certainly been a close brush for Japan there. In truthfulness, Japan allowed Poland to reach its goal and attack it on multiple occasions. Not once, the team’s goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima played superbly to pick up the slack for omissions in the country’s defences, almost pulling a ball out of the goal with the tip of his fingers and jumping in the feet of a striker to secure the ball.

However, the breaches in the defences had finally caught up with the team, and Poland manages to score. It was a day to rejoice for the country indeed. Panam and Tunisia didn’t necessarily play better, but there have been more goal exchanges anyway. From a pure entertainment value, the two countries did remarkably well.

Meanwhile, the game we have all been waiting for – Belgium vs England went down well. We saw Belgium defeat England, which, to speak the truth was not unexpected, albeit the English played brilliantly and the game was a much-intense to-and-fro. Certainly, a few more goals would have been better, but the defences of both teams were impeccable, bar a first-half situation where Belgium was attacking England’s goal and there were multiple exchanges right at England’s goal, with the ball ending up flying out across the field.

It was certainly a gut-wrenching and unpleasant feeling to try and stave that one off, but England did well. However, with Belgium attacks intensifying, a goal was finally scored and so the final standing of the group was settled.

And so, we’re taking a brief break before we start with the next stage of the world cup. Let’s take a look of which team made it through the 2018 World Cup so far!

World Cup Winners

With the group stages now concluded, we can glance at the teams that have indeed made it through. Group A finalists will be Russia and Uruguay. They are naturally followed by Group B finalists Spain and Portugal. Further down the list, we have France as the winners of Group C and Denmark as the runners-up. Group D has Croatia and Argentina. Group E will have Brazil and Switzerland forge ahead and we are also adding Group F’s Sweden and Mexico. Group G will have Belgium and England whereas Group H will have Japan and Colombia.

To speak the truth, the final scores are definitely not surprising. We would have been surprised if any other team has made it through. Although to speak the truth, the elimination of Germany has been daunting. Even though the team played in a group that is quite competitive in nature, the loss to South Korea with 2-0 was embarrassing to say the least.

Even then, Germany’s inability to find its footing was largely surprising. Starting out poorly the team continued to decline. Whatever the reasons behind this, we ought not to look for them beyond the world of sport.

The matches that will follow now will be no less challenging. 16 teams have made it through and we will have quite the intense football action in the single-elimination bracket. Uruguay will play Portugal. France will go up against Argentina. Mexico will attempt a defeat on Brazil. Belgium will probably eliminate Japan. Spain will play Russia, and Croatia will go against Denmark. Sweden and Switzerland will settle an old spat and Colombia will vie with England for the right to continue.

The next round of the competition will be brilliantly exciting and you will be absolutely thrilled to watch it. There’s still time and you may want to fly over to Russia for the quarterfinals, which promise to be some of the most spectacular games up to date. All games seem to be equally balanced, although, when the time comes, we will certainly let you know what we think about every single one in particular.