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World Cup Single-Elimination Begins

The deadmatch World Cup phase of the 2018 event is upon us.

World Cup Single-Elimination Begins

The deadmatch World Cup phase of the 2018 event is upon us. The first teams to participate in it are France vs. Argentina and Uruguay vs Portugal. Even though all four teams want to continue well into the quarter-finals, this may be a tall order.

Match One kicks off at 16:00 CET in Kazan and it will feature France vs. Argentina whereas Uruguay and Portugal will play in Sochi, several hours later.

Argentina had a difficult time winning its spot in the quarterfinals after they almost defeated Nigeria with 2-1. Meanwhile, Croatia managed a victory over Iceland, and so the deal was sealed. Despite a rather poor performance, Argentina has had time to think.

According to the team, they all stand a great chance of continuing ahead in the race and the match against France is not all that complicated, they like to think. The team’s coach, Sampaoli, has said that his players will demonstrate a determined and mildly aggressive play in the match today.

Argentina is likely to field the same players it did during the first half with Argentina, which made the win over Nigeria quite possible. Meanwhile, France stands strong with 2 wins in the group stages and having drawn once. France isn’t concerned about the upcoming match with Argentina.

Argentina’s been at the quarterfinals before, but this doesn’t seem to worry France too much in all honesty. Still, France acknowledges that Messi is a highly-respected footballer and great at what he does on the field. Even a momentary opportunity could provide a pivotal moment in the game of Argentina, courtesy of Messi.

Portugal vs Uruguay

Uruguay’s manager Tabares has been quite forthcoming. Portugal is a strong team, but if Ronaldo is contained, then the team will be left hamstring. This is true. Uruguay knows Cristiano Ronaldo well, too, because the majority of footballers from the team plays in the Spanis La Liga.

Uruguayans managed three victories conceding no goal. Portugal doesn’t seem to worry about this, though. Portugal has riposted that while Ronaldo is a strong player, Suarez and Cavani are no different in many respects. As two of the world’s best strikes, they will lead the team well ahead to the next stages of the competition and provide ample opportunity for Uruguay to advance to the next stages of the race.

Who may win and who may lose is another question altogether. If you ask me, I am rooting for Uruguay, because I feel that their team is less dependent on a single person and the fact they didn’t omit any points in their goal is telling of the defence.

Now, we will have to consider that Uruguay played versus much weaker teams, including Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Russia, too, lost 3-0 to Uruguay, but none of these squads is of the stature and rank of Portugal.

Portugal may have suffered more in the way of balls entering its goal, but playing up against Morocco, Iran, and above all else – Spain has the drawback of conceding goals to the enemy.

Then again, Ronaldo’s superb play has been instrumental in delivering a fighting chance for Portugal. However, if Portugal’s defences continue to falter and Uruguay’s continue to hold, this may be a very disappointing afternoon for the country indeed.

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