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World Cup June 25 – Spain, Portugal and More

Yesterday’s football derby was quite shocking, indeed.

World Cup June 25 – Spain, Portugal and More

Yesterday’s football derby was quite shocking, indeed. We have witnessed intense plays by all teams involved and a much-contested day produces some rather surprising results. With this in mind, we ought to venture and ask ourselves – were any of our predictions right? We surely knew that Panama couldn’t win against England. Little did we know, though, the country’s squad was going to lose 6-1.

Japan and Senegal met as well and produced one of the most highly-contested matches of the tournament so far. Rapid exchanges of the ball, great control and ultimately one of the cleanest competitions we’ve seen so far. Japanese footballers were caught on camera gladshaking their opponents and generally paying their respects raising the spirit of the tournament for anyone who genuinely cares about this aspect of the competition.

During the game, Japan and Senegal have been caught in an exchange of goals for the ultimate result to finally surface at 2-2. Japan was definitely the stronger team throughout the competition, with the control of the ball remaining mostly in its favour. Senegal, though, was quite quick and managed to penetrate the defences of Japan twice, including in the most important first goal.

Lastly, we saw Poland play Colombia. It was a complete debacle, not of the type Panama experience, but still, one that would put any proud nation and team to shame. Poland conceded three points to Colombia. However, they may not be entirely to blame. The South Americans were superb in their plays with the ball. They were doing quick passes all along the game and managed to tackle the Polish defence with relative ease.

Some experts have argued that Poland did not lack in its defences, and we’re inclined to agree with them. The real problem for the country was their somewhat lack of ability to organise and launch a successful attack on their opponents. Even then, it was painful to watch the country lose so badly. On a personal level, your correspondent was faced with a dilemma. As Poland is my second country I was secretly rooting for them. But then, I have been a fan of Colombian football before I even thought about travelling & living abroad.

And so, the group stage for these teams advanced a step further to a final conclusion. Let’s have a brief look at the matches that are due today now.

Group A – 2018 World Cup


Today’s instalment of Group A will see four teams face off. We will witness Saudia Arabia will play Egypt and Uruguay will have to fight off Russia. Russia has had a brilliant run at the competition up to now. It managed to score multiple goals in all its matches, with the total record standing close to a tenner.

Some may argue that Russia was intentionally put in a group that is somewhat less prestigious and hence the country has had more of a leeway to qualify, but Russia did show qualities that put it well ahead of the competition. Of course, the next stage of the events will be a taller order for the team to compete in, but this applies to all of the contestants who progress.

Iran vs Portugal


Iran managed to defeat Morocco rather unconvincingly. Even then the country showed qualities that are worth praise and above all – nurturing. However, today’s opponent, Iran is definitely not an easy foe. More, a number of observers believe that Iran will ruefully lose today’s game as even Spain struggled to achieve a draw with Portugal. With this in mind, having to fend off Portugal is definitely one of the chiefest challenges Iran will have to undergo in this competition.

Spain vs Morocco


Morocco has definitely had a ban run. It’s lost all games it participated in, even though there was no reason for this to go the way it did. We believe that Morocco has untapped potential, and the game with Spain might be a chance for the county to shine. However, since this is Spain we’re talking about, this chance is palpably slimmer. Having a long, honest look at the likely outcome, we’re nearly certain that Spain will have field day during the competition and this doesn’t bode well for Morocco.

The tournament has been shaping up promising today. A few teams were eliminated quite easily and preliminary and this points to the fact that perhaps not all team deserve an entry. However, everyone deserves the right to learn and do so at the highest level of competition.

We continue to follow the football action as it transpires in front of our very eyes.