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World Cup 2018 Matches Not To Miss!

There are quite a few games in the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup that you would certainly not want to miss out on.

World Cup 2018 Matches Not To Miss!

There are quite a few games in the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup that you would certainly not want to miss out on. Care to explore some of those? Spain, England, Belgium and Portugal are all among the teams whose progress will be exciting, challenging, and ultimately quite unpredictable! The World Cup 2018 group stage is upon us and it is time to check out some of the matches that, let’s face it – we simply can’t stand to miss!

2018 FIFA World Cup 2018 Kicks Off!

The showpiece and inaugural event will feature a play between the hosts, Russia, and Saudia Arabia who will be facing the team for the first time in months. The action promises to be intriguing enough and it will take place in action. But to be honest, there are quite a few better clashes that you can be watching, and to do so, we advice you to check out our list of neat little matches which we hold to be the absolute best in this upcoming event!

Portugal Goes Up Against Spain

Oh, yes! If you care to see something truly spectacular, you should tune in to watch the Portugal vs Spain derby. It kicks off on Friday 15 June. Yes, Russia and Saudi Arabia may eventually fail to intrigue fans around the globe much, beyond their own staunch supporters, of course. But the 2018 FIFA World Cup has taken all due precautions!

The actions promise to be stepped up as early as the next day of the competition with Spain and Portugal entering the fray at a rapid clip! Portugal is the European Champions, defeating France back in 2106! With Christiano Ronaldo on their side it’s quite likely to see the Portuguese squad come victorious.

Yes, Spain may be suffering defeats all across the board, but they have been quite present in the football scene, especially between 2008 and 2012. With the temporary 4-year snafu of somewhat dubious performance, the Spaniards are all ready to take the world of football by storm!

Germany Plays Mexico!

You think Portugal and Spain will throw a good show? You are right, but Germany is entering the competition on Sunday 17 June and you terribly remiss to miss that out!. True, Germany may not be thrown into the same group with what we may agree are the absolute giants of football, but South Korea, Sweden and Mexico just have their way of delivering heavy blows in the enemy’s defence, and tackling giants of the stature of Germany.

Careful, Germany! You will be facing decent opponents all throughout the group stage. Meanwhile, a fair warning goes to you, spectators and football fans. Do not pass up on Germany vs Mexico, come what may!

Argentina and Croatia

Croatia is, in fact, a big name in football. They have always fared well in football, even if they have mostly failed to achieve much prominence in terms of trophies, for example. Nevertheless, this should not put you off the main thing here – Croatia is an incredibly well-balanced team and they will be fighting an even better squad, that of Argentina. With this in mind, we ought to admit that it pains us to see these two go up against each other so early. But it is what it is and therefore we ask you to be prepared to tune in and watch the events on Thursday 21 June.

Go Polska! And Welcome Colombia!

Poland has been the economic wonder of Europe! The country has been developing by leaps and bounds and this has translated into successes for its national football team, and not only. Poland has Robert Lewandowski who is a top-ranked striker. Just to put things into perspective here, Mr Lewandowski managed 16 goals in ten qualifying events for Poland.

Colombia meanwhile has summoned an old timer, Radamel Falcao who seems to be in shape. James Rodriguez, another Colombian national, has also joined the fray and is preparing to take the 2018 FIFA World Cup by storm. In any eventuality, this is a great derby with many unexpected results, which you will be happy to witness first hand!.

England Meets the Underdog Belgium

The match will kick off on Thursday 28 June and it will be one of the exciting games to watch. Why? Because Belgium is simply breathtaking and England is a primer favourite! Still, despite the high hopes for both teams, Belgium may end up stuck in a continuous loop of only making it to part of big competitions before being tossed out by a seemingly stronger opponent. I believe that the upcoming game with England will be a well-acted one and it will provide us with plenty of opportunity to watch some high-level plays, which are, let’s face it – absolutely what we are looking forward to seeing!