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Update: Wolves Get a Well-Deserved Draw vs Man City

After much that they could put up any fight at all, Wolves managed to earn a hard draw against Manchester City.

Update: Wolves Get a Well-Deserved Draw vs Man City

After much that they could put up any fight at all, Wolves managed to earn a hard draw against Manchester City. Many doubted them, including Tom Carrick, but the football action that took place on the stadium was enough to prove the detractors wrong and even put them to shame. Here’s what happened and how Wolves managed to get their first points in EPL, almost outpacing one of the best teams in the whole championship!

Wolves Win a Well-Deserved Draw

Manchester City's footballers looking happy.

To say that it all went according to plan for Manchester City would be a gross exaggeration. Wolves were not the quick bite they had imagined them to be. Even though the team routed both Arsenal and Huddersfield Town without so much as a nod of appreciation, Man City ran into a world of hurt when the pack was released from afield onto them.

Wolves were inexorable and their achievement has reminded everyone, even sceptics such as myself that the EPL has much to offer. Oh, and what a triumph it was! The guests managed to score at the 57” after Willy Boly-directed ball went off his hand after Joao Mountinho shot a free-kick.

The exchange of points continued and both sides had indeed a few opportunities to conclude the game in a fashion that they would find agreeable. However, circumstances just didn’t allow it.

The defend fought off every attack furious, not leaving much opportunity to the attacks from Man City nor those coming from the rather modest Wolves. The draw was a huge success for Wolves and it was somewhat of a dubious outcome for Manchester City. Nobody really knew what happened and to be honest, even I myself am still wondering. Man City didn’t seem to play any worse than before, although they could have been rather less demanding of themselves following the 6-1 victory over Huddersfield.

We did mention about some teams growing over-confident whereas would just be biding their time to punish every foolhardy boldness. And yet, it’s difficult to say that Manchester City didn’t play at their best. Even though there were some dubious moments in their performance overall, they bore themselves no worst than in the games versus Arsenal and especially Huddersfield. All that we saw was the ability of Wolves to match top-league performance.

Top Performers or Not?

Wolves have earned a hard victory in their books, indeed. But as I let my more pessimistic self to take hold, I must point out that Manchester City is not forced to play at their best in all games, although it helps, especially when the other contenders in the league don’t seem any likely to simply give up on pursuing as many points as they can. This could cost City a temporary setback, unless other teams fail to perform well.

Liverpool is slated to face Brighton today, which will definitely give the red some reason for concern. Brighton may have won statistically fewer matches in their career, but this trend is likely to reverse itself soon enough.