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Will Wolves Bite a Victory Off Man City?

Manchester City to Play Wolves Today – Predictions Manchester City is facing Wolves and the things don’t look good for the latter.

Will Wolves Bite a Victory Off Man City?

Manchester City to Play Wolves Today – Predictions

Manchester City is facing Wolves and the things don’t look good for the latter. Wolves may have the Alfa name but Man City have the Alfa track record. After serious of defeat, they are now entering the fray with unrivalled confidence. Wolves on the other hand are going to face an opponent that is on top of the food chain. So, what can we expect from the upcoming match?

A Look at Man City, Wolves


Mere hours separate us from Wolves’ greatest shot at glory in the English Premier League. Man City managed to dispose of teams that generally have been much better than themselves. With this in mind, Man City even drubbed opponents with 5-point lead, meaning Wolves now have the nigh-impossible task of making a solid comeback. Before we get down to the analysis, let’s just check the team members, injuries and other preliminary statistics.

Saturday 12.30pm Sky Sports Premier League

Venue Molineux

Last season n/a

Referee Martin Atkinson

This season G2 Y6 R0 3 cards/game

Odds H 12-1 A 2-7 D 6-1


Subs from Norris, Batth, Saïss, Costa, Deslandes, Hause, Ofosu-Ayeh, Vinagre, Gibbs-White, Graham, Ronan, Enobakhare, Bonatini, Dendoncker

Doubtful Dendoncker (match fitness), Doherty (leg)

Injured Cavaleiro (back, 16 Sept)

Suspended None

Discipline Y1 R0

Form DL

Leading scorers Jiménez, Neves 1


Subs from Muric, Foden, Sané, Otamendi, Delph, Kompany, Danilo, Díaz, Zinchenko, Fernandinho, Sterling, Mangala, Sandler

Doubtful None

Injured De Bruyne (knee, Nov)

Suspended None

Discipline Y2 R0

Form WW

Leading scorer Agüero 3

Wolves – A Real Chance to Win?

It’s dubious that Wolves will make much of a splash in the upcoming match, however, there is hoping. The team has no victories to its name, and that makes it not really well-poised to overcome the group’s leaders. With this in mind, what are the possible scenarios where Wolves play a respectful game with Man City?

Defence, defence, defence! Wolves need to make sure their defences don’t falter. If they do, they will suffer a defeat that is truly not something any team in the EPL would be proud of.

The facts are, though, that Wolves place 14 in the overall standing right now and come what may, they will most likely not be able to overcome the heavy competition from Man City. It’s also a matter of gross disparity between the teams, too. Man City’s team costs millions more than do that of Wolves. Where Wolves have had to depend on local athletes, Man City have been able to channel the world’s best footballers and that makes the game stilted.

Still, to say that it’s just money that buy Man City the title is a gross exaggeration. It’s football and making a team work together to a common goal is not a skill that comes easy. Take for example Arsenal, who are one of the richest EPL clubs out there but who still struggle to construct their own game well.

Man City – Relaxed and Confident

Man City are coming into the game with nothing to fear. They know that the advantage and odds are on their side, so why would they need to bother? If anything the tam will consider the following meet-up a practice play that will allow them to streamline any lingering faults that may be found with their play. Big or small, every piece of feedback will help Man City become an even more accomplished team, and the game with Wolves is just what the team needs before it dives back up against the top teams.

Still, not all is lost, some estimate. Even though Wolves’ chances to score or defeat Man City are infinitesimal, there are good reasons to believe that the team could demonstrate a play that is worth admiration and praise.

All EPL teams end up in the league after careful vetting and definitely intense-competition. It’s true that the bottom segment of the league are not particularly noteworthy squads, but this doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a chance to outshine the competition.

With this in mind, Big World Sports will continue to root for the weaker, but all the same respectable team of the Wolves. It’s not unlikely for underdogs to overcome the primed favourite. We hope today will be the same.