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Will Manchester United Perform Well?

If there is one team that has been struggling, it’s the Red Devils.

Will Manchester United Perform Well?

If there is one team that has been struggling, it’s the Red Devils. Manchester United have definitely had a rough spell at it. So many red cards have been allocated to their players who have been trying to perform despite all odds. Following an embarrassing routing from Tottenham, it’s understandable why Jose Mourinho wants his boys to make it ahead in the race without having to bicker with media and other assorted foes.

Be that as it may, Jose Mourinho is not in it on his own. There is a lot that can be done to stop any mishap from taking place and he knows it. However, the footballers that he can use are fewer now, because of two red cards in his last two EPL games. Oh, yes, the match vs Wolverhampton is not really as scary as that against a better-ranked team, but it’s still important for Manchester United to stay on top of their game. Will they manage to pull it off? Honestly? Nobody really knows.

Manchester United Keeps Their End

It hasn’t been exactly easy for either team. To be quite honest, Mourinho is much relieved about the developments such as they are. The victory over Watford was not just necessary – it was mandatory. But at what cost really? There are many indications that Manchester United have been shedding a lot of blood to make the present results happen.

Romelu Lukaku continues to be the top man for the team and the hopes are that he will help the team distinguish itself. Of course, much is at stake here, and that’s a fact that nobody can deny. For better or for worse, Manchester United is truly dragged down into a mess of its own doing.

Mourinho though wants to defy all odds. Succeed and it would be hard to doubt his credibility any more. But fail and… well expect more of the same drubbing! However, what justifies putting footballers under as much strain as has Mourinho.

Speaking of weaknesses, we should point out to Raul Jimenez who managed a point against Burnley but has been one of clearly the less intuitive players of the Wolves over these last few weeks. Jimenez only had six shots last week, which is a truly deplorable stats. When Jimenez faces Manchester United, every time he misses, he will be imperilling his own team in a significant way.

Taking a Closer Look

So, perhaps there is justification how teams perform, one way or the other. Come what may, though, the line-ups will be revealing. We expect the teams to end up with a similar setting:

Manchester United: De Gea, Young, Lindelof, Smalling, Valencia, Fred, Mata, Pogba, Sanchez, Lingard, Lukaku

Wolves: Patricio, Bennet, Coady, Boly, Doherty, Moutinho, Neves, Jonny, Jota, Costa, Jimenez

Mourinho has also shown signs that he’s content with the results, despite all odds. More specifically, the manager has said:

 “I am very happy with the points. I am very happy with something that represents for me the spirit of the team, but I feel a bit frustrated because we had everything in the first half to kill the game.

“I think if we play the second half the way we did in the last part of the first half, we would be in this moment with a completely different result and without the last 10 minutes.”

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