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Which Team Will Win 2018 World Cup?

If the die isn’t cast, it’s dangerously looming over the box, and it will soon be spinning wildly, ricocheting off walls.

Which Team Will Win 2018 World Cup?

If the die isn’t cast, it’s dangerously looming over the box, and it will soon be spinning wildly, ricocheting off walls. The 2018 World Cup is nigh and we explore the probable winners of the tournament. We have already made up our mind who the most likely winners are, and now we will also share the odds with you. But to make a minor detour here.

One English footballer has said about the World Cup events… It’s about 22 men chasing after a ball for 90 minutes. And finally, it’s the Germans winning. The verity of this joke is disconcerting to some. It’s certainly the source of mild national pride if you are a German. Albeit, Germans are poked fun at as lacking sense of humor. Why would they need to joke around when they can get down to business and metaphorically destroy the enemy on the field?

The Liberal Dream in Notching Up a Win in 2018 World Cup

It has been quite interesting to note that the teams that have always won World Cup events have for the most part been free. Free in the sense of democratic rule. Football is a game of creativity, and the freedom to express yousrself and pursue odd courses of actions, eventually leads to a good strategy.

It seems like countries that are hold as ‘not free’ by international standards fair poorly. This is just one explanation why Saudi Arabia and Russia may not get far. Both countries are rather walled off in their private worlds. They wouldn’t much suffer the introduction of foreigners to their football teams in general.

Of course, you may argue that this argument is quite unsustainable. It’s a game of national teams after all, at least it will be tomorrow. However, the fact that Russia has had little to do with foreigners in the sense of studying up their playstyles, or even sending its footballers abroad, will bring bitter disappointment to fans.

The diversity which the west touts as a key tenet, has been important to the future success of the football squads that come from there. The ability to brush away national pride and bring in trainers who have proven themselves in the wild churn of the Western European leagues is also another noteworthy point.

And because authoritarian regimes are unable to allow their people the freedom to develop and hone their skills, nor to swollow their pride and let foreigners take care of their teams, we see them continuously losing. The women’s football cup has ever been won by democratic countries, albeit China did make it to the finals once.

The Actual Odds of Getting a Win in 2018 World Cup

Let’s have a look at what the actual odds are. We will use the American moneyline format, which is not over anyone’s head, as you will see how simple it is. Now, if we look at these predictions, we first should understand the significance of the (-) and (+) there before we may continue.

A -110 value means that you need to wager $110 in order to obtain $100. In other words, the minus denotes a team that is a rather strong favorite. If you take a quick look at Saudi Arabia, you will understand why they are unlikely to win. At odds of +4000, a simple bet of $100 will yield $4,000 in profits.

The amount is so astounding, that Saudi Arabia may boost its GDP if it stakes a few millions on itself and then make its boys snag the world cup title. However, the odds don’t lie and the likelihood of this happening is painfully small.

Still, if you are wagering on an unlikely winner, it’s really worth doing it before the event kicks off. Odds will start changing. Let’s say Saudi Arabia opens with a blasting salvo, scoring 5 quick goals against Russia. The country moves onto the next stage and is pitted against Spain, a team that has only won once. Still, Spain is a brilliant squad, which soon realises that it’s up against an unlikely enemy. Saudia managed 2 easy goals and they are well onto their way again. The odds will be dropping wildly and your potential profit would be slim then. So always remember to hurry up!

Group A
Uruguay -110
Russia +160
Egypt +500
Saudi Arabia +4000

Group B
Spain -220
Portugal +220
Morocco +1600
Iran +4000

Group C
France -425
Denmark +550
Peru +1000
Australia +2000

Group D
Argentina -200
Croatia +250
Nigeria +1200
Iceland +1200

Group E
Brazil -450
Switzerland +700
Serbia +800
Costa Rica +2000

Group F
Germany -325
Mexico +500
Sweden +700
South Korea +2000

Group G
Belgium -140
England +120
Tunisia +2200
Panama +4000

Group H
Columbia +120
Poland +180
Senegal +500
Japan +700