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Where to Watch: Tottenham vs Cardiff

Tottenham and Cardiff are bound to play today.

Where to Watch: Tottenham vs Cardiff

Tottenham and Cardiff are bound to play today. We are definitely quite excited about seeing the pair of teams meet. After having been wrong about the outcome of Brighton versus West Ham last night, we feel a bit uneasy making any predictions about this upcoming pow-wow.

Tottenham Hotspurs, the team that reduced Manchester United to a crying ball of tears and the FC manager, Jose Mourinho, to a fuming ball of pent-up anger, is now facing Cardiff City. Cardiff haven’t been doing exactly swell in the competition. We have been quite the avid football followers ourselves, using the Live Stream option to follow most of their matches.

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Pondering the Odds – Tottenham vs Cardiff

Two teams of proven stature are facing off today. To say that either one of them has a chance to win is true. However, Cardiff have been performing rather more poorly than what you would expect from them.

Suffering a handful of defeats, the team is now taking 19th place in the overall standing which is not too commendable. Meanwhile, Tottenham are having no difficult keeping their head above the water in the top 10 teams of the EPL.

Should Tottenham win today, that will give them a significant boost in the overall standing. If Cardiff win, on the other hand, they definitely, won’t benefit that much. It’s all a toss up and the question remains, which team it is that we want to support.

To speak the truth, Tottenham Spurs have been our favorites. Walking over both Arsenal and Manchester United have won them our admiration.

However, can they now translate this temporary success into a real challenge for the title. Most think that it’s not really the case. Tottenham are surely going to displace a few teams that have failed to perform well, but they could never make a strong claim on the title such as it is.

We estimate that Tottenham will have to satisfy with a placement within the first five teams and improve upon this score next year.

Winning Beyond the Season

This has been another important aspect of the EPL. Some teams are aware that they cannot compete with the best teams out there, but then again – they can do their absolute best to have the long-term goals of their team.

Tottenham Spurs’ footballers are certainly coming to realize this. It’s not necessary for anyone to make a big claim on the title in the 2018/2019 season. Positioning themselves among the top team gives them a rare opportunity to tackle some of the toughest opponents in the league and experience a diverse play.

Now that Tottenham have been curbed in their enthusiasm of claiming a better overall standing, Tottenham can breathe.

But can Cardiff? Cardiff are at risk of crumbling down to the 20th slot in the competition, which is no-one’s favorite. With this in mind, Cardiff have all the reason to want and stay out of the treacherous rut that many teams have found themselves into.

We cannot entirely blame it on them either. They had really rough games, facing off some of the top teams before anyone else did. This has had an impact on their morale, for sure.

A Match to Enjoy

Nevertheless, we do believe that Cardiff have the qualities to stand up to Tottenham. If they defeat them, that would be a grand, grand thing to do and it will certainly absolutely upset the prospects of Tottenham for scoring a decent one.

Tottenham will definitely seek not to allow a defeat at this stage if they want to make it within the first five. Adding a sixth victory will get them on par with Manchester City and Liverpool, although the teams never lost a game. Careful now Tottenham, you are risking quite a bit.