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Where to Watch: Manchester United vs New Castle

Manchester United has been performing truly abhorrently.

Where to Watch: Manchester United vs New Castle

Manchester United has been performing truly abhorrently. There is just so little to appreciate when it comes to this season’s play of the team. Suffering embarrassing victories one after the other, Manchester City are not really in a top shape. They will now be facing Newcastle.

Manchester United are on the ropes. Their fall from glory has produced a deafening wave of criticism among Man United fans. Needless to say, Manchester City have been quite so pleased with the performance of their sworn enemies.

Be that as it may, the Red Devils should have performed much, much better. No analyst could have predicted the outcome of the events that took place. Naturally, a lot of people criticised Jose Mourinho for refusing to concede a single transfer in the pre-season!

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The First Signs of a Debacle


Now, the fact that Jose Mourinho didn’t in itself mean that he was wrong. But this also doesn’t mean that Mourinho was wrong in his choice not to add new footballers. However, the pre-season game of Manchester was rather poor.

It was evident that the team had some issues that needed addressing. Leaving them pester, even the most well-meaning people who supported Manchester, would be tantamount to a downfall so bizarre that the team would need a whole season, and possibly more, to recuperate.

The recent developments have even occasioned some to say that boisterous Mourinho will lose his job.

Looking at New Castle, they are definitely not the best team in the group, but given the disarray that Manchester United are presently in, it’s not too difficult to imagine them succumbing to a rather unpalatable fate themselves.

New Castle are as a result quite likely to win the competition, no questions asked. With this in mind, you will quickly notice that Mourinho now has an even more difficult-to-defend position.

How can the top manager avert a top mess? Nobody seems to know.

New Castle Determined to Win

New Castle are aware that Manchester United are quite vulnerable. But this doesn’t guarantee them a free pass or an easy victory. The realities here are in fact quite a bit different. And with all that has been happening, it’s easy to see why some teams are less likely to be happy with the latest developments and news.

Still, New Castle will put up quite the fight and for all intents and purposes, the teams will have to put both their best to forge ahead. But New Castle footballers certainly don’t have a ballistic Mourinho breathing down their necks.

These are the latest reports. Jose Mourinho has gone absolutely over-the-top trying to get his footballers to perform better. And his strategy has been fear. Has it worked? Inner sources have said that Mourinho would just shout at his footballers and refuse to have a reasonable dialogue with them.

We don’t believe that this is indeed the case, but the fact that the relationship between Mourinho and his team has been a rather fraught one is not difficult to guess from the latest developments.

With this in mind, we are still trying to determine if Manchester United have a chance to save face and perform well this season. And to be quite honest – a team of their rank can do wonders.

However, the manager will have to tone it down and truly start inspiring his footballers rather than trying to coerce them through fear. If anything, this strategy has been awfully unfruitful.

The Game that Follows

As we draw closer to the beginning of the match, it’s time to start cooling down and actually preparing for the oncoming clash of titans. Sunday promises to be even more exciting as Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool will all play! What a weekend for the English Premier League!