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Where to Watch Chelsea vs Manchester United?

We are in the season of the breaks.

Where to Watch Chelsea vs Manchester United?

We are in the season of the breaks. The EPL is taking its due time off before Round 9, but there are still so many great things to see out there that we couldn’t possibly waste another moment and not tell you about that. The game that we all expect to see is that of Chelsea versus Manchester United, so without further ado – let’s get down to it.

Where to Watch Chelsea vs Manchester United?

You will definitely want to get your hands on some distinct EPL action, and there are ways to do this. You can opt right for our live streaming options that will allow you to enjoy Chelsea versus Manchester Live. The game itself is taking place on Saturday, October 20, and it will be something to remember.

You can tune in and watch the game on multiple channels, depending on your location. Sky, ESPN, beIN and BBC will all be broadcasting the event for your comfort. With this in mind, you will definitely benefit from going through our list of channel recommendations. Conversely, you may want to register with our website and just enjoy the live stream without any hitch.

There is indeed quite a bit to pick from when it comes to variety, but by now, you certainly know what events and games you are after, so there is absolutely no shame in this.

With this in mind, we welcome you to explore the odds of both teams to win.

Manchester United and Chelsea Odds to Win

Man United and Chelsea are definitely not evenly tied. The Red Devils had a crushingly underwhelming performance. Chelsea is definitely the leader with the team’s odds of winning quite ahead of the Red Devils.

For instance, you will need to wager $15 on Chelsea to win $2 if they turn out the winners. Conversely, $2 with Man United bring you $15 in return. It’s quite the bargain indeed, but the chances of Manchester United winning are miniscule. Not with their recent performance.

A break could do them well and prepare the team for the big match but until the very last minute we had a chance to follow Jose Mourinho’s team performance, we couldn’t spot the signs of a team that is about to change its fortunes.

Manchester United have been disappointing fans time and again and confirming the worries of experts that the pre-season blues have now spilt into an irreversible damage. Fixing the results would be a mean feat and many believe that Man United will have to do their best to maintain a position within the first ten teams if possible so as to save face.

Still, the team is at 4 wins and 3 losses, though their losses have been quite the drubbings indeed.

Should We Support Manchester United?

Fan and spectator, it still makes sense to embrace the Red Devils as they have the makings of a great team. This means that a wager could turn quite handsome. For instance, nobody expected Chelsea to draw against West Ham, but they did.

And while Man United are going in a rather poor form into this match, Chelsea will be quite unwise to underestimate Manchester United and risk ending up with another loss or even a draw.

At this point, the team will want to notch up another victory as things at the very top of the EPL are intensifying to the point where ever team is equally matched, which means even the slightest advantage can pay off handsomely to the team that obtains it.

We remind you to check our Live Streaming options and explore the list of available channels that we have prepared for you. If you are looking for more Where to articles, visit our news section and enjoy predictions about the next big games coming.