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Where to Watch Cardiff vs Fulham

If you are eager to get moderate action football, then Cardiff vs Fulham may be the right game for you.

Where to Watch Cardiff vs Fulham

If you are eager to get moderate action football, then Cardiff vs Fulham may be the right game for you. Even though both teams are struggling in the EPL, they are not going anywhere in the hurry. The majority of teams is indeed quite determined to push ahead with everything they have when it comes to it their best shot.

You shouldn’t expect the game between Cardiff and Fulham to be any different indeed.

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But instead of giving ourselves a hard time over the what’s and if’s let’s focus and discuss the facts.  And the facts are that the upcoming game will be indeed quite exciting.

Fulham vs Cardiff – A Game to Remember


Chances are this game will not go goalless. How do we know that? Well, it’s rather simple. The team have a cumulative score of 38 points between themselves and it feels like they are not going to let the ball drop right now. Looking for an opportunity to grow? That’s easy!

Looking to truly stand out in the crowd? Fulham and Cardiff fans should be proud! Yes, your teams may indeed be struggling a bit, but chances are many other teams are. And besides, can you imagine the EPL without Fulham and Cardiff? Because, truly – we cannot.

If you we have to be honest, Cardiff really drub Fulham quite sorely nine months ago, but this doesn’t mean much in the world of football. If anything, it’s an indication that Cardiff are in big trouble.

If you are looking for a snippet, then consider the following:

Saturday 3pm

Venue Cardiff City Stadium

Last season (Championship) Cardiff 2 Fulham 4

Referee Kevin Friend

This season G5 Y11 R0 2.20 cards/game

Odds H 6-4 A 2-1 D 5-2

At a glance it looks like the teams are pretty well matched, although the away team seems like it’s a bit better poised to actually make a difference.

Giving It Up for Cardiff


If pressed, we must admit that we root for Cardiff. They have been showing a somewhat better play this season even though they drafted some pretty tough opponents at the same time. Given their dedication, though, we are quite thrilled at what Cardiff have been able to pull off and we are excited to see them play Fulham.

Of course, we are well-aware that Fulham themselves are quite the toughies, meaning that it won’t go down easy for either side, but we are secretly hoping that Fulham can put up a great fight. Even win, why not? According to our colleagues from the Guardian, though, both teams are coming into this race quite prepared:


Subs from B Murphy, Smithies, Richards, Hoilett, Paterson, Madine, Cunningham, Harris, Connolly, Damour, Coxe, Brown

Doubtful Madine (ill)

Injured Mendez-Laing (knee, Dec), Peltier (shoulder, Dec)

Suspended Ralls (first of three)

Discipline Y10 R1


Leading scorers Bamba, Camarasa, Murphy, Ward 1


Subs from Fabri, Rico, McDonald, Fonte, Kamara, Cissé, Ayité, Christie, Ream, Chambers

Doubtful Fosu-Mensah (shoulder)

Injured Bryan (hamstring, 27 Oct), Cairney (ankle, 27 Oct)

Suspended None

Discipline Y13 R0


Leading scorer Mitrovic 5

Pondering the Odds

If you are a bettor at heart, then tell you what we could, you wouldn’t be dissuaded from taking a punt on the upcoming game. But even then, we believe it’s worth a try. When choosing to bet, do so carefully. Let’s look at the facts here:

  1. These teams are equally matched
  2. Cardiff may have the upper hand from previous games, but this is not necessary going to be true now
  3. Can you bet in such a way to offset any potential losses?

Gaming in such a way to offset any potential losses is actually a real thing and we recommend it quite wholeheartedly! Without having to wonder too much about the results, you will notice that there are quite a few pitfalls when it comes to betting.

Of course, you want to get the outcome right but before you decide to do any of this, always ask yourself if you are in a full possession of the facts. No exceptions.