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Where to Watch Brighton vs Newcastle?

Welcome back to our ‘Where to Watch section.

Where to Watch Brighton vs Newcastle?

Welcome back to our ‘Where to Watch section. In case you are looking for the upcoming match between New Castle and Brighton, you are only mere hours away from enjoying the quality streams that you will find on Go Football TV! We will provide you with a great variety of opportunities to enjoy quality live matches.

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We have made sure that all of this and more is available for your perusal. Make sure to tune in to our excellent live streams and witness the game between New Castle and Brighton. Let’s see what we at Go Football TV actually think about the upcoming match, though.

Brighton – Bright Hopes or What?

Determining the winner of the outcome would really be difficult. There are flaws in the play of both teams which ultimately makes the race quite difficult to call. Let’s start with Brighton, though.

Brighton are mostly winless in their past 17 games, which doesn’t bode well for the team in yet another clash not playing on home turf. Nevertheless, Brighton have been doing a somewhat better job than New Castle in the general standing, however.

This is quite understandable, too. If you go back to last year, we have witnessed Brighton dominate New Castle. Well, dominate could indeed be a stretch on this occasion as they have clearly not had an easy match again, but it worked.

Back in September 2017, Brighton actually won against New Castle and did so quite effortlessly. Still, the team struggled to make any more points, but the win went down the history records of the club.

Newcastle – Struggling with Past and Present

Newcastle on the other hand is in a somewhat of a tight spot. You will see that the team has really had a rough time getting their feet back together. Newcastle truly have a chance to stand out from the crowd and that’s what’s giving them an edge.

However, their most recent performance is not really what would put them on top of anyone’s list s the team that is most likely to walk away victorious. They have shown considerable weakness in several matches so far, which easily puts them as some of the most likely losers of the next clash in the stage of the EPL.

On Whom to Bet?

Of course, the question of betting is a tough one. We think that a draw is less likely than a victory for Brighton. But even then, we even think that a victory for Newcastle is even less likely. With this in mind, if we had to place our own wagers, we would:

*Root for Brighton
*Mark it down as a draw
*Possibly entertain the idea of Newcastle winning

To be fair, though, even the Newcastle fans in our ranks are a bit wary of plonking down a wager on Newcastle right now. We still believe that the team has immense potential, but perhaps this season is not really its thing.

But then again, Newcastle have shown qualities as a team and dismissing them in full would be a gross oversight on our part. With this in mind, you will quickly notice that each team in the EPL has a chance to truly stand out.

Remember how West Ham fought off Chelsea? Well, that was a story to remember and we do remember it! If you want a visual representation of the odds, here it is:


Notice how the odds favour Newcastle here.

Now, you will wonder whether Newcastle aren’t indeed the stronger team, but the odds clearly indicate that for every $5 you wager on Brighton, you will only win $2. If you do a regular $10 wager, then your profit will be $4 – the 1.5 -3% cut, depending on your bookmaker.

This puts rather harsh terms on the overall betting idea, but such is life. The recommended bet is indeed quite tempting. Plonk down $12 and you will be walking away with $10 in pure profit, before the house edge kicks in. However, we would really think twice whether Newcastle stand an actual chance on this occasion. We recommend that you reconsider your odds carefully before you decide.