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Where to Watch Arsenal vs Leicester, EPL 9

Arsenal vs Leicester is one of the games that everyone wants to see in earnest.

Where to Watch Arsenal vs Leicester, EPL 9

Arsenal vs Leicester is one of the games that everyone wants to see in earnest. Why? Simply because, Arsenal have just found back their feet and Leicester are quite intent on winning another game. It’s never easy to be playing against either teams, but both squads have quite a bit at stake here.

With this in mind, let’s first check where we can enjoy the games in earnest, before we move on to our analysis.

Where to Watch Arsenal vs Leicester

The game will be taking place on Monday, October 21, so there’s still plenty of time to enjoy it and prepare yourself for a proper viewer’s experience. We recommend that you allocate some time in spotting out the best places where you can watch the game. But if you are not really hot about research, then just follow our recommendations instead:

We have tried to make sure that you will certainly have access to the best places to enjoy stellar games. You will be given a rare opportunity to follow up on the events in real time, whether you choose to watch or just follow the news as you see fit. With this in mind, we recommend that you stick with the methods that work best for you.

The Game Odds


Leicester are an enemy of Arsenal. Specifically, they brought quite the winning streak of Arsenal to an end back in May that definitely doesn’t sit well with Arsenal. Leicester will be expected Arsenal to be quite ready to claim a victory back and this is only natural.

The question remains what playstyle we will see emerge as a result. Many people have been curious to see if Leicester really have what it takes to top Arsenal again while experts are trying to analyze whether the team is its own back self and capable of taking on the big scene of football once again.

We believe that both teams have reasonable chances, but if pressed, we will have to give Arsenal a bit of an advantage indeed for their track record has been quite stellar in the days leading up to the EPL. With this in mind, we definitely have quite a bit of hopes to put by Leicester who themselves are a promising team.

A Quick Final Solution

It always helps to shop around a bit and check the bookmakers for yourself. There is always the opportunity to compare the odds and try to get the best ones to work in your favor.

No, it’s never easy to tell the actual result, but with a bit of prescience and proper modelling of the games that follow, you may end on top. Wagering on football can actually be a smart thing to do.

However, the most important rule is that… rules change from one season to the next. There is no consistency of the experience as outlined by a dedicated book, such as Soccreronomics.

We always recommend to dig into our Live Scores and try to find for yourself what the previous games have brought teams. You can alternatively do that by consulting with Google’s readily available EPL schedules, which will help you stay on top of all upcoming (and not only) events.

We will update this article once more facts about the upcoming team compositions are available, so please stay tuned and remember to register and watch our live streams or simply choose a TV channel where this is available, again from our list of recommendations.