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Where to Watch Arsenal vs Cardiff?

In the big crucible of the English Premier League, there are many unknowns.

Where to Watch Arsenal vs Cardiff?

In the big crucible of the English Premier League, there are many unknowns. Challenges abound and teams are constantly vying for a better standing. Arsenal vs Cardiff will be the opening match of next week.

Where to Watch Arsenal vs Cardiff on January 29?


The English Premier League (EPL) is taking a very short break, just enough to allow its teams to gather their strength and plunge back into the race. Arsenal will be facing a fairly weaker opponent in the face of Cardiff.

Nevertheless, Cardiff have a loyalist fan base, and despite the discrepancies in positioning between the two teams, the blues are all spoiling for a fight. The Gunners, on the other hand, have managed to make it all the way to 5th place in the overall standing.

Conversely, Cardiff are 18th – not an emboldening statistic, we know. Then again, you can always tune in and watch, no matter how intense or one-sided the game.

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Which Team to Bet On?


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So how do you make a proper bet?

On the one hand, the game between Arsenal and Cardiff is indeed one-sided. Cardiff are clearly set to lose, but many upsets have occurred during this tournament. Far weaker teams have managed to pull off draws against much superior teams.

In other words, Cardiff are not yet defeated, despite the odds stacked against them. To get a better feeling of things, you can always dive deep and try to see a scenario where Cardiff can hold out against Arsenal.

The Gunners are definitely not in their best unbeatable condition, but they are far from being prone to making easy mistakes. With this in mind, Cardiff will have to ask themselves – how can they plan to win?

Making the Best of a Situation


Defense should be a main selling point for the teams participating in the event. Cardiff will certainly have to realize that attacking against Arsenal without proper defense would be tantamount to throwing the game in their opponents’ favor.

In order to achieve better results, Cardiff will need to focus on their defense. However, playing a war of attrition against Arsenal would be a really risky move.

Stay in your own field a bit too long and then the enemy team will almost necessarily score. It’s not so much a fault of Cardiff as it is basic law in highly competitive football events.

So, in order for Cardiff to be successful (and at least achieve a draw), the team will have to focus on defending first and then making sure that they keep the ball in the mid-field, looking for opportunities to strike against Arsenal.

From Arsenal’s standpoint, the team know that they are probably in the better physical condition, so they will insist on pressuring the team for a good while – until they crack, or come back with an offensive of their own.

The Gunners on the Offensive


There are many reasons for the Gunners to seek and be offensive, but they must not allow any slips in their own defense.

This is unlikely to happen as we are almost certain that Arsenal will keep the ball away from their own net, and the defendants themselves will be alert to any approaching danger.

Organizing an attack behind Arsenal’s vanguard is a truly difficult feat to pull off and we have no doubt that there are only a very few teams that can do it.

Meanwhile, all teams are preparing to participate in the ePremier League, which is a FIFA competition – only for the video games.

Yes, imagine that, esports are in fact becoming very popular and each team in the English Premier League (EPL) now has gamers to represent them. This is definitely something that we would call exciting ourselves. To make sure that this is successful, though, we will have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, Cardiff a very serious challenge coming up right here and now.