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Where Does Arsenal Stand in EPL?

Ah, Arsenal, you beautiful thing.

Where Does Arsenal Stand in EPL?

Ah, Arsenal, you beautiful thing. How come the fortunes have forsaken you and why Manchester City roll over you in such an unseemly fashion. Much has been said about the game so far. Scoring 2 points in their opponents’ goalie, Manchester City definitely put themselves ahead of their competitors in the most respectable and yet definitive fashion possible. But what about Arsenal?

Under their new manager, Unai Emery, the Gunners are not having a good time, and the loss at home turf at the Emirates Stadium in London has been prove enough of that. Looking at the upshots, it has most definitely been a tough time for Arsenal. Going head on with one of the group’s stronger contenders. But even then, how justifiable is it to see them going down?

Arsenals Breaching Defences

Raheem Sterling was repeatedly seen to cut down the Arsenal’s defences in what appeared an effortlessly run for the enemy’s goal. The first goal came in the 14” followed by another amazing sweep in by Bernardo Silva in the 64”.

And to highlight the pains of the teams, this has been the first game without Arsene Wenger, the former coach of the team since 1996. The banners paying homage to the old coach’s leadership were to be seen all over the stadiums. Now, to say that Arsenal have ever perform outstandingly well against Manchester City would be a lie, but under the skilled leadership of Wenger, the team has been doing rather well.

Emery’s entrance has been a bit of a flop and now the new coach has had a taste of the immense weight that has fallen upon his shoulders. He not only has to make the team win, he has to live up to the expectations of fans who, when angered, have the power of the crowd, toppling managers and ousting footballer.

Formerly of PSG, Emery has said that Manchester City have proven a difficult opponent. One that, in order to be defeated, will require additional work and finding the proper rhythm for the whole team. And even Manchester City would agree that changes in leaderships are likely to cause some confusion at first.

Meanwhile other teams continued to perform well, though. We had Chelsea sweep to victory at 3-0 against Huddersfield last Saturday. And more promising football action will follow.

Arsenal is not the only challenge to consider, though.

Liverpool – The Shapeshifter

Liverpool also have quite the task on their hands. They need to make good use of the nearly $200 they spent in acquiring new people for their English Premier League bout this summer. And this will not be easy.

Even though they started with 4-0 over West Ham, more efforts will be necessary to make good on all of this. Liverpool saw both Alisson and Naby Keita debut in the first game and their performance was solid.

Arsenal's home turf.

Mohamed Salah has been instrumental to the victory himself as he managed to open the score. And the rest, as they say is history – a good one at that.

Of course, Liverpool has come under a lot of hefty criticism. Why have they allowed themselves to clinch such massive transfers in a single bout. And to be frank, there’s nothing wrong with that.

The competition has been saying that it’s unfair to open up your purse and secure the best footballers you can get at any given moment who are up for transfer. Liverpool hardly sees it this way. And to be honest, many other teams wouldn’t have any qualms about procuring the best players either.

Where’s the Issue?


While Arsenal is still struggling to get back on their feet, Liverpool are soaring ahead. And money has a big part to play in that. Is it fair – not always? But is it a crime – not quite. And yet, we will repeatedly say that reforming the English Premier League so as to be less dependent on money.

However, this is a long discourse and one which will not be broached by teams who are keen on defeating their opponents whatever the format. For instance, the struggles of Arsenal would have Emery bent over his own troubles and the team’s struggles rather than addressing the simple issue – the English Premier League has become a bit less amusing to watch.