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West Ham Takes on Leicester in EPL

West Hammers are really going to have an interesting match.

West Ham Takes on Leicester in EPL

West Hammers are really going to have an interesting match. After Leicester’s recent defeat, the team is looking for redemption, but we are not quite sure if they manage against West Ham. While visibly calm, West Ham have adamant defense that has proven quite tricky to actually penetrate. This and more troubling news may now be on the cards, so watch out Leicester, there is trouble brewing.

West Ham vs Leicester, 27 October

West Ham vs Leicester is definitely a match that people would want to see. It takes a fair bit of skill on the part of teams to be where they are today competing. However, if pressed, we have to favor West Ham outright. This is not a strange occurrence in the slightest nor do you have to fuss around about it.

West Ham have simply been a wee bit better in managing their team and that’s the plain truth. If you want to see them succeed, then it’s in fact quite easy. You will just have to watch the game between the team and Leicester.

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While we will readily admit that “Come, on, IRONS!” is probably one of the least intimidating cries of challenges we have ever heard, it’s still very much true that West Ham have the upper edge.

Now, Leicester did indeed draw a number of teams that were in themselves quite sophisticated and difficult to contest. But when it comes to having a good game, it’s all about the technique of individual footballers.

Leicester the Inexorable

Leicester had so many difficult opponents to fight off, though, that it would be unfair to dismiss them. The team too has what it takes to be on top of the competition, and they are definitely decided to prove it. With this in mind, we ought to give their games against Arsenal and Liverpool some props, too.

Not quite so prepared to take the world by storm, Leicester a team that that nobody wants to underestimate, especially if they are their opponents, and there are multiple reasons for this:

  • Good mid-fielders
  • Experienced goalie
  • Methodical play
  • Fairness and openness
  • Consistency in improving

Of course, spotting these right of the bat is a wee bit difficult to begin with, but when it comes to that, it will always work out for the best indeed. Leicester have the makings of a team that can actually take on any competition and emerge victorious and if anything – that matters truly the most.

The Betting Odds

Despite what we think which is clearly to support West Ham in the upcoming match, it’s obvious that bookmakers are rather thorn when it comes to it. Most bookies price the odds at the same level, attempting to demonstrate acumen and great analytical thought by putting the chances of the pair winning at equal footing.

Others tend to favor one side slightly better. We personally will root for West Ham, not only because we like them, but because we think they have this grassroots attitude towards the game that will really let them break through the higher levels of competitions.

How and Where to Bet?

We advise you to shop around a wee bit for the best possible odds. You will notice that from one betting agency to the next, there will be slight discrepancies, so it is always worth dedicating time looking around the available options first.

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