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West Ham in the EPL Facing Fulham

The English Premier League (EPL) is taking a short break, but that’s only temporary.

West Ham in the EPL Facing Fulham

The English Premier League (EPL) is taking a short break, but that’s only temporary. All systems are ready with the match between Westham and Fulham that is coming on February 23. Yes, there’s a short break during which the teams will rest, but this promises to make the games more exciting.

Where to Watch Fulham vs Westham

Photo Credit: West Ham

There’s quite a bit of time before the next match between Fulham and West Ham arrives and we’re well aware of that. At the same time, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the game. So, where can you watch it?

Well, the answer is – right here, on our page. We’ve made sure that no game will go unnoticed so if you want to get a pristine-quality picture and enjoy the live stream, you’ll definitely be alright.

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Looking at the Teams

We have quite a bit of time to find our bearings when it comes to the upcoming game. Let’s start with West Ham.

The team is 10th in the overall English Premier League standing. They have had a series of defeats against team they should have endured, but alas – that wasn’t the case when they played against Wolverhampton and Bournemouth.

West Ham past 5 games in the EPL:

  • Crystal Palace – WH – 1:1
  • Liverpool – WH – 1:1
  • Wolverhampton – WH – 3:0
  • Bournemouth – WH – 2:0
  • Arsenal – WH – 0:1

The team was defeated with 3 nil and 2 nil respectively. The results didn’t mean that West Ham aren’t capable of playing at the highest level – it was a momentary lapsus, as the following events revealed.

West Ham then moved on to face both Crystal Palace and Liverpool. Their game was composed, careful and methodical, allowing them to benefit from outstanding defense. And they did – West Ham withstood Liverpool and they finished the same score with Crystal Palace.

We though the same as you – that they must have won their game versus Crystal. Well, it is what it is. It’s worth mentioning that they pulled an impressive victory over Arsenal, even the game ended 1:0.

Fulham – What Should We Do?

Photo Credit: Fulham

Fulham are struggling a little. True, they dismantled Crystal Palace at 4-0 and their overall performance hasn’t been that bad at all. But if we are to have a closer look at what Fulham have pulled off recently, we will certainly see one thing that comes up first – they’ve been slipping down the EPL.

It hasn’t been their finest season and they know that. They didn’t start at the bottom, but are now heading down. To be honest – their performance is only poor in the EPL, they’ve managed to play somewhat better outside that.

Still out of their last five game they have only managed to win the one against Brighton with 4-2 in their favor. Well, that’s not too shabby at all, but Fulham will definitely do a little better to try and climb back towards the top ten teams.

The Overall Outlook

The overall outlook is good. Both teams can rally themselves and really pull off some amazing plays. It’s easy to get excited about the game. Bookmakers of course will favor West Ham and that’s not surprising.

Now, the outlook is that West Ham will triumph over Fulham. They do play defensively but it seems likely for the team to overcome Fulham, especially if they continue to carry out their rather unconsidered.

Each game is bound to play out differently, and we cannot be certain which team will be winning next week, but quite a few markers show that it would Fulham would struggle more.

Final Thoughts

So, are you looking to watch the game live? That’s okay, we can recommend you tuning in to one of our live streams and enjoy yourself. It’s quite easy to get things sorted out.

Just click on the stream here or go to navigation and locate the particular game between West Ham and Fulham and you will see the stream right there. The bookmakers are giving their support for West Ham, but if Fulham somehow managed to beat those expectations one of you might end up with a pretty penny.