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Watford Keeps Their Side Up

The triumph of Watford has not been the only great achievement in the football history of the English premier league.

Watford Keeps Their Side Up

The triumph of Watford has not been the only great achievement in the football history of the English premier league. Tottenham Hotspurs’ monumental defeat over Manchester United is also a thing to be thankful to and something that we as fans can appreciate.

A Look at the Events

Of course, if you are a Man United fan, then it would certainly smart you to see Manchester lose and lose so badly. But this is football and sometimes teams slip whereas others rise. It’s particularly important to see middling teams overcome great odds and the big ones come clashing down. Of all the heavy hitters, though, nobody had expected Arsenal and Man United to perform so deplorably. Particularly given the financial means of both powerhouses, but it has happened.

Meanwhile, Watford has given a great example of what it means to be a strong team that overcomes some pretty serious odds. With their recent performance, nobody can fault Watford for a single thing, to be quite honest.

Their manager, Javi Gracia, has managed to win the EPL’s manager of the month award, which is awarded to people with particular merits to their teams, much like the Player of the Month Award, which went to none other but Tottenham Hotspurs.

To see two teams perform so well has been certainly reinvigorating in the highly contested world of the EPL. It helps to know that they have started at the middle ranks and gradually overcome opponents both stronger and weaker.

Demonstrating a steady game, Watford has been able to notch up impeccable victories putting itself on level playfield with Chelsea and Liverpool, the undisputed champions in the world of football.

Whether Watford owe their success to pure luck or two comprehensive skill is something that truly merits further examination. Looking at the facts, it’s not so difficult to imagine that Watford had a bit of luck, but then again, clinching serious victories is definitely something that goes in their favour. Looking at the results,

Watford overcame Hotspurs 2-1 last Sunday and they also achieved the same score against Crystal Palace. Back in August, they managed 3-1 against Burnley and eviscerated Brighton with 2-0.

So far, their game has been on point and nothing seems to change that. However, one cannot help and ask if last season’s 0-6 defeat will repeat itself. Thankfully, though, Watford won’t be playing against Manchester City, the team that left them all the poorer for scores.

But facing Manchester United can also be a bit of a do. Even if the Red Devils are in somewhat of a trouble, it’s painfully obvious that Watford may not just underestimate them. And yet, the facts seem to be in favour of Watford, as they managed to defeat Hotspurs, who, in turn, defeated Manchester United 3-0. It’s a respectable achievement. Here come several facts about the teams:

  • Manchester United have won 13 of their last 14 meetings in all competitions with Watford, losing only at Vicarage Road in September 2016 (1-3).
  • Watford have never won in 10 top-flight visits to Old Trafford (D2 L8), losing each of their last six in a row.
  • The Red Devils have won more final games in a Premier League campaign than any other side (17), losing only against Spurs in 2000-01 and West Ham in 2006-07.
  • The Hornets have failed to score in their last eight away games in all competitions, since Andre Gray’s goal at the Etihad on January 2nd. Only once in their history have they had a longer run of away games without a goal (10 between April and September 1972).
  • This will be the 500th Premier League game at Old Trafford – the ground has seen more goals than any other in the competition (1406).

It will definitely be worth spectating the game such as it is and when it finally hits off. This Saturday will be packed with action and we definitely want to cover all if not most of it. Focusing on Watford success as a team is not enough of course, so we have to all ask ourselves if the team will manage to overcome yet another true test. Will Man United be able to bounce back and deal a heavy blow to Watford? We can only wait and see!