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Watch Live Chelsea vs. Newcastle Today!

Chelsea will play Newcastle this Saturday and we are quite excited to see the outcome.

Watch Live Chelsea vs. Newcastle Today!

Chelsea will play Newcastle this Saturday and we are quite excited to see the outcome. Newcastle have had a very tough run so far, being dismantled by a number of teams and Chelsea are the ever-present danger in the English Premier League (EPL). So, the question is – how things turn out this weekend? We find out.

Chelsea to Face Off Newcastle on Saturday

Chelsea are third in the English Premier League (EPL) and they will have to work hard to change that. It’s not always easy to be lagging behind and there is tons of competition that is rolling in. Take for example the game between Manchester City and Liverpool. Nobody really expected quite this development from the match, but it was what happened nevertheless and we saw a very strong Manchester City fight off a contesting Liverpool.

The final game finished 2-1 in favor of Manchester City who managed to rebound nicely and launch a devastating attack. Chelsea is next. The Blues have many reasons to want to win. Given Newcastle’s somewhat poor track record they are not too far from this goal and we can understand how it’s quite possible for them to pull it all off.

Newcastle’s own performance has been deteriorating and the team is now 15th in the overall standing. West Ham, on the other hand, have pushed the way to 10th place and they are likely to continue their slow ascent. The truth is, though, that West Ham have lost too many games to be realistically anywhere near the top now.

Manchester United have done exceptionally well against minnows in the league, including Cardiff, Bournemouth, Huddersfield and others. They destroyed Newcastle just recently with 4-0 going in favor of the Red Devils.

Perhaps it was all Manchester United have needed all along. With the present result, the Red Devils are all ready to take on Tottenham Hotspurs – the team that nearly put them out of business at the very beginning of the season, inflicting them a shameful victory and triggering Mourinho’s series of tantrums.

The Red Devils will come up against Tottenham once again and that will definitely be quite the sight to behold on Sunday.

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And so, the game between Chelsea and Newcastle will be an interesting one and most certainly an important one. The Blues do need to win this one if they expect to progress any further in the competition and Newcastle have all the reason to disrupt the Blues’ progress.

After all, Newcastle too need a boost to their confidence, which might just get them on a winning trajectory. After all, their matches after that with Chelsea are not really that complicated at all and they still can compete for a top 10 spot.

At the top though, Chelsea will have to make sure they play immaculately in all of their upcoming games if they want to have even the remotest chance of trying to win this year’s EPL. The game is definitely going to be more deciding than people expect it to be