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UEFA Finals, Real Madrid vs. Liverpool – On Whom to Bet?

This summer will be packed with football action.

UEFA Finals, Real Madrid vs. Liverpool – On Whom to Bet?

This summer will be packed with football action. Look at what has been happening already. Today, 19 May, we will have the FA Cup Finals to enjoy. However, this is hardly it. In the run-up to the 2018 World Cup, which will kick off on 4 June, we will also have the pleasure to spectate the upcoming UEFA Champions League Finals scheduled for 26 May. The UEFA final showdown will have Real Madrid face Liverpool in what seems a highly-contested match.

Some are also rumouring a goalfest as both teams are highly competitive and have the capacity to secure multiple times unpunished. What may transpire is a eddy of goals and contested play that will have the audience enthralled for the full duration of the game. We will touch on a few betting tips as well.


Real Madrid vs. Liverpool, A Closer Look

We reiterate. The match be one of the highest-scoring ones in European football history. Let’s put things in a historical context. Real Madrid is definitely familiar with what it means to be scoring a lot at high-end games. Back in 1960, the club fought a victory out of Eintracht Frankfurt, winning 7-3. While nobody expects this to happen again, as the quality of coaching and players themselves, has improved.

A look at the available data – Where to Place Our Bets

Liverpool have scored 40 times in the enemy’s goal, making them one of the highest-performing teams. Meanwhile, Real Madrid’s result is fairly moderate by this standard, with just 30 goals. However, a further breakdown of the top scores, quickly reveals a different picture:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo (RM) has scored 15 times;
  • Mohamed Salah (LIV) and Robert Firmino (LIV) have 10 each;

Another important metric is how the team has performed on the defensive. Apart from being quite adept at scoring in the enemy’s goal, Liverpool have managed to stave off forays into their own pitch, conceding only 9 goals whereas Real Madrid had the enemy score 12 times in their own goal.

This may definitely give some reasons for concern on Real Madrid’s end. Of course, the footballers on the squad are way too experienced and accomplished to doubt themselves, but the numbers mean that they may feel pressured by Liverpool, which in turn, may serve to reunite them. However, Real Madrid has the good fortune of having won two competitions before that, which may put it at a slight psychological advantage.

About Betting

All the available information here will serve the purpose of helping you make a better bet. We cannot tell you how to wager, but if we had to choose, we might throw our lot in with Real Madrid. A far more important question is where to bet? We recommend bet365 as it’s one of the best-established bookmakers, guaranteeing speedy transactions and reliable streaming services. The odds are also quite brilliant.

Live Action & Betting

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How We Fared in the Past?

If we look at the meet-ups between Liverpool and Real Madrid historically, we will notice that RM have been the somewhat better team in these particular games. Real Madrid has managed a victory over Liverpool back in 2014 with 3-0 in the earlier stages of the UEFA Championships League.

However, if Real’s track record of defeating Liverpool is somewhat in their favour, it’s still worth noting that Juventus and Bayern have played highly-contested games with Real, exposing weaknesses in their defense, which should be all the more reason for concern this season with the somewhat significant number of goals in their own post.


Real and LIV All Geared Up and Ready

There has been a lot of talk among players who have been quick to quip that they are quite prepared to meet their opponents. Cristiano Ronaldo admitted that he was ‘120%’ ready to take on the upcoming challenge on 26 May.

However, there have been some reasons for concern in Liverpool. Just recently, Liverpool, played Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and lost. Analysts chalked this up to the euphoria of a team that had just been qualified for the finals.

Of course, the defeat was not all too significant with Liverpool conceding only one goal, but still some expected to see more from a team that is about to go up again Real Madrid in the UEFA Finals.

The Concerns

Liverpool are naturally holding back. Every player on their squad will want to join the fray in Kiev and as such, they will have to dial down their performance in the days to come. However, the team need also not fail to lose form. If so, Real Madrid can score a quick goal, which will tilt the psychological warfare in favour of Real Madrid, and they seem to be in need of a bit of an incentive before unfolding their full play.

Liverpool needs to demonstrate a well-considered game and not risk anything much until it has found its proper pace. A defensive play at first would be far better than venturing off unprepared and letting Real Madrid get an early advantage, which has been a concern.

Liverpool may really play themselves into a bad shape which is the last thing the team wants. However, the good news is that the squad will have enough time to recuperate. As spectators, you should decide carefully how to wager on the upcoming event.