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Tottenham vs Manchester City – The Game

A great game lies ahead and there is no denying that.

Tottenham vs Manchester City – The Game

A great game lies ahead and there is no denying that. Tottenham will meet Manchester City in what will be one of the most memorable meet-ups of the English Premier League (EPL). We are here to prepare you for the upcoming fray and give you pointers whom to back

Manchester City – An Indominable Force Indeed

Manchester City are quite capable and they promise to offer you a great game to enjoy. There is just so much that you can get out of football when you are beholding the titans from Manchester City play. There are several reasons for our appreciation.

Manchester City are true sportsmen. They never utter a foul word about their opponents and always help and play fairly. They are one of the teams in the EPL with the least negative scores or penalties. This puts them high on the list of respected teams regardless of whether you support them.

Now, before we continue, we want to kindly remind you that you can watch the game live, using GoFootball TV Live Stream option. On top of that our website also offers to accommodate you to the Live Scores as they happen. With this in mind, we are nearly done. If you prefer the telly, please do check our List of TV Channels instead.

There is always something to do out there and we recommend that you choose your own way of beholding the game. And now, back to the analysis.

Who Will Win?

This is a difficult question. Manchester City are pretty convinced in their own abilities. Still, Tottenham won the largest performance bonus in the 2017/2018 season, because f the stellar play the team has demonstrated.

This in itself is enough indication that Manchester City will have to deal with a team that is definitely not to be trifled with. But come what may, Tottenham Hotspurs will apply a lot of pressure on Manchester City to the point where the former could potentially slip.

The ability of Manchester City to score points from seemingly impossible situations is well-documented. Furthermore, they have a crop of players that can overcome individual footballers in one-on-one situations just as easily. There is a lot of danger that lurks here, and everyone can see it, including Tottenham Hotspurs.

It’s obvious that both the male and female squad of Manchester City are quite capable of barraging the door from long distances. So, yes, we should say that Manchester City are the likely winner here.

Do Tottenham Hotspurs Stand a Chance?

In all the matches in the EPL in the past 2 or 3 days, we have seen a lot of strong teams take on squads that are further down the overall standing. But in this case, we must definitely say that yes – Tottenham stands a great chance of winning simply because the team is not your everyday minnow.

Tottenham Hotspurs are hugely appreciated for their ability to translate counterattacks into points and even if not against the strongest opponents, then at least against opponents who are equally matched to them.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why Tottenham Hotspur have such good chances of tackling their opponents.

The team also posses the qualities to really land seemingly impossible situation and rightly earn football the nickname “the beautiful game”.

Betting Real Money

We are not sure if this is advisable. If you are in for the fun and Tottenham are your favorites, you can place down a quick £20 on them to win, and expect to win about 2/3 of that back on top, which is a great way to celebrate the victory of your team. What will happen, we will only find out on Monday, 29, 2018.