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Tottenham the Victors

Tottenham have done pretty well by themselves in the English Premier League (EPL).

Tottenham the Victors

Tottenham have done pretty well by themselves in the English Premier League (EPL). The team has definitely hit a handful of snags, but this hardly means that we should give up on them. After routing Arsenal for 3-1, Tottenham definitely started off well.

Yesterday, the team concluded yet another match that means quite a bit for the squad’s future prospects in the EPL. Huddersfield lost their feet against Tottenham, trying to stave off the attacks of the Hotspurs who were inexorable in their determination to bring ruin to their opponents. The Tottenham Hotspurs have had one hell of a run making sue that all their games will matter.

They have so far, but more challenges are awaiting further down the road and we would be silly to overlook those. We and the team both.

Outplaying Huddersfield – Not So Complicated at All

Outplaying Huddersfield wasn’t that complicated at all. The team managed to pull its weight and deliver two points in the enemy’s goal quickly and efficiently. Following that, Tottenham slacken their pace and preserved their energy. What’s the point in spending so much on already a won game?

But more importantly, Tottenham have advanced in the overall standing with Arsenal climbing up and Waterford falling through, not to mention the embarrassing loss of Manchester United who were completely destroyed by West Ham.

With this in mind, Tottenham are definitely a team to be on the look out for at this point. In all fairness, Huddersfield’s own game wasn’t so bad as that and to say that the team didn’t perform well will be an understatement.

However, Huddersfield truly lacked the fortitude to play as quickly and show the same focus that did Tottenham all throughout the game. Even though they started the season somewhat convincingly, Huddersfield haven’t had as much luck against big teams as have Tottenham.

Now having defeated a handful of top-notch squads, the Hotspurs have nothing else to do but to prepare for the next decent game. It is after all that is left at this point.

The Road Ahead Is Exciting

Competitive as the EPL is, there is plenty of opportunity for low-key teams to make a difference. Tottenham’s recent victories shouldn’t put them in a mind that the worst is over. They may have already faced off a few of the heavy weights in the competition, but this doesn’t mean that they should let their side down.

It’s true though that there will be a few easier games for the team to come after that. With this in mind, Tottenham are well-poised to take on quite a few challenges and make sure that their score stays just as good as it has so far.

With a few teams sliding down the rankings, it’s obvious that Tottenham’s own luck is only about to get better. There are hardly any real challenges left ahead of the team in the next round, but this doesn’t mean that they should completely give up on anticipating the worse.

After all, Chelsea and Manchester United both got outplayed by West Ham, which is a team that has been struggling to stay in the EPL. With this in mind, it’s quite easy to see why the EPL offers a handful of surprises even to the most prepared player out there and addressing future challenges with due seriousness is mandatory for the success of separate football clubs.

A Final Word on the Times Ahead

What’s next in store for Tottenham is probably a handful of free games. You will notice that not every game is just as simple and easy to accomplish as it has been no occasion. Underestimate your opponents and you may have quite a bit to deal with afterwards.